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Central Croatia is the biggest Croatian region. Situated at the crossroads between the Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea, it is noted for its plains and forests. The main language is Croatian. It consists of subregions Hrvatsko Zagorje, Medjimurje, Podravina and Moslavina. Here was born Janica Kos

Attractions in Central Croatia

The highest waterfall in Croatia!

Bjelolasica is the biggest and the most beautiful ...

Velebit is one of the most beautiful Croatian moun...


One of the most modern museums in the world!


The representative watercourse of Croatian karst l...


The great waterfalls of Žumberak are the best pla...


One of the largest caves in Croatia open for publi...


Explore the home of the numerous Neanderthals who ...


Come here and experience the beauty and the uniqu...

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Get ready to come close to those magical glow worm...


The representative cave of the Croatian karst.

Small lakes, rapids and waterfalls

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