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Attractions in Iceland

Attractions in Iceland

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Neskaupstaður - the cultural hub of East Iceland ...

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Every hiker's and nature lovers paradise

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Discover the most sought-after waterfall in Icelan...

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Hike to this colossal, staircase-like waterfall.

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One of the most scenic waterfalls, standing at 12-...

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View this 60-meter high waterfall from all angles

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Visit the adorable Grímsey and cross the Arctic ...

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This waterfall has the greatest volume of any in E...

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The Westman Islands - always a pleasant surprise

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Simple yet beautiful village in East of Iceland

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Pay a day visit in Reyðarfjörður to explore its...

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One of the most famous trails in Iceland

One of the most famous 15.5-mile trails

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One of the best glaciers to hike during winters in...

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A popular hiking destination