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Belgrade Region is the Serbian region around the capital city of Belgrade. Situated at the crossroads between the Central Europe and the Orient, it is noted for its urban life and cultural attractions. The main language is Serbian. The climate is temperate continental. Here was born professional ten

Attractions in Belgrade Region

Attractions in Belgrade Region

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If you want to see a Noble Prize plaque, visit thi...

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Beautiful art pieces from West Africa!

A swamp forest with lush flora and an art colony i...

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This museum was dedicated to two really important ...

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A dark place, but let’s hope that our future gen...

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An impressive church in the heart of the city!

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The Party Capital of Eastern Europe

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Discover the world of the greatest scientist!

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A Romantic Person Should Spend Some Time on a Crui...

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This place is simply wonderful!

Tallest Tower in the Balkans