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Slovenia Travel – Tourist Attractions

Slovenia is small but an absolutely beautiful country to discover in Central Europe. Despite its small territory, Slovenia has impressive ranges of world famous landscapes: mountains, lakes, underground caves and coastline are just a few of them. With its huge amount of hiking trails, Slovenia is the ideal destination for those who like challenging hikes as well as those who are more into easy stroll. As many European countries, Slovenia has beautiful unique architectures worth visiting and a rich historical heritage. So if you decide to travel here, don’t worry there are plenty of things to do in Slovenia.                For more detailed information You can check our list of suggestions of places to visit in Slovenia.

Few quick facts about Slovenia: the main airport is the Jože Pučnik Airport, the official language is Slovenian, the capital as well as the biggest city is Ljubljana, the currency is in Euro and there are approximately 32 dialects used in Slovenia.

In the Osrednjeslovenska region is the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana, also known as the city of dragon. Ljubljana has many beautiful bridges around the old town: among the most famous are the Dragon Bridge, the Triple Bridge and the Butcher Bridge. The impressive Ljubljana Castle above the hill offers a nice overlook of the town. The Tivoli Park, the largest park in Ljubljana, is an ideal place for a relaxing walk. Ljubljana was also known as Emona during the Roman Empire, remnants of that period can be witnessed in some part of the city. Other activities in Ljubljana: Zoo Ljubljana, Botanical Garden, Food Tour, cultural events such as the Open Kitchen or the Flow Festival and the different museums. 

One of the most picturesque landscapes of Slovenia is the Gorenjska region, with its gorgeous chains of alpine mountains. The highest peak of Slovenia is Mt. Triglav of the Julian Alps, the emblem of Slovenia. Lake Bled is one of the most visited attraction in Slovenia, well-known for its enchanting, beautiful and fairy tale-like scenery – an absolutely must visit. The glacial Lake Bohinj, located within the Bohinj Valley of the Julian Alps is an ideal destination for water sports and hiking. The region of Gorenjska has many beautiful and interesting hiking trails of various difficulties.

The region of Goriška is most known for the amazing green and clear color of the Emerald River Soča – the sight is simply fantastic. Many activities such as rafting, canoeing, kayaking as well as swimming and fishing can be done along the river. So if you are a sport enthusiast don’t worry, there are plenty things to do in Slovenia that will help you quench your thirst for adventure!  Goriška Brda is known for its beautiful hilly vineyards, the wine roads of the region will tame any wine lover. Other attractions worth visit is the UNESCO mercury mine and the School of Laces in Idrija, the Tolmin Gorges and the Kozjak Waterfall in Kobarid.

Traveling to Slovenia is perfect since it has a short coastline and a series of beautiful Mediterranean towns along the Adriatic Sea. The sight of the peninsula of Piran is one of the most enchanting landscape of the area. The port of Koper is the most important one on the Slovenian coast. The public beach in Portorož is a relaxing activity. The famous salt pans in Sečovlje and Strunja are definitively worth a visit. The Obalno-karška region is also known for the cultural monument of Lipica Stud Farm and the Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World heritage site.

In the region of Notranjsko-karška is the World famous attraction of Postojna Cave and nearby is the Predjama Castle, the largest castle above a cave, worldwide. Lake Cerknica, also known as the disappearing lake, is the largest intermittent lake of Slovenia and an impressive sight to see.

One of the most important castles of Slovenia is located in the region of Savinjska: the Stari Grad Celje, which was owned by the powerful Counts of Celje. In Logarska Dolina is the beautiful Rinka Waterfall, the second highest waterfall of Slovenia.

In the Podravska region is the oldest town of Slovenia: Ptuj, which is famous for one of the most important festival of Slovenia, the Kurentovanje. The second largest town of Slovenia is Maribor, the home of the Stara Trta. the oldest vine in the World. The area is known for its wines and thermal spas.

One of the best areas for a relaxing thermal spa treatment is the region of Pomurska, also known as Prekmurje. The dialect is so different that Slovenians from other regions don’t always understand them. Lovely floating water mills are part of the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

As you can see, Slovenia is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to discover many natural landscapes as well as world famous tourist attractions within a small area and without breaking the bank. Those were just a few highlights of things do in Slovenia. Have a nice trip to Slovenia and travel safe!

Attractions in Slovenia

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