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Slovenia is small but an absolutely beautiful country to discover in Central Europe. Despite its small territory, Slovenia has impressive ranges of world famous landscapes: mountains,

Attractions in Slovenia

Attractions in Slovenia

Hidden treasure in the shadow

The most visited attraction in Ljubljana

The highest quality hotel in Slovenia

Meet the secret creatures of the underwater world.

“White pride” of Slovenia

Great park near Ljubljana

Photo credit: Sitomon / Foter / CC BY-SA

One of the most adorable castles in Slovenia

The most visited and also the biggest botanical ga...

One of the most noticeable buildings on Škofja Lo...

The most fashionable Slovenian spa and wellness re...

One of the most beautiful clean waters of Slovenia...

Photo credit: Sitomon / Foter / CC BY-SA

Visit the true Karst

Modern high-class resort with fantastic waterpark ...

Škofja Loka - ancient beauty, the best preserved ...