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Slovenia is small but an absolutely beautiful country to discover in Central Europe. Despite its small territory, Slovenia has impressive ranges of world famous landscapes: mountains,

Attractions in Slovenia

Attractions in Slovenia

The oldest still active theatre building in Sloven...

The mighty castle Grad is one of the biggest castl...

Breathtaking views in Slovenian Alps

Granary is one of the best preserved medieval buil...

Alberto Tomba or Jure Košir?

One of the oldest Botanical Gardens in Europe

Deer farm and restaurant in Olimje Village

Magnificent cliff castle overlooking the Lake Bled

World's 1st open-air museum of hayracks

Stunning botanical garden with small museums and f...

Vogel Ski Resort is one of the biggest and among t...

Hidden treasure in the shadow

The most visited attraction in Ljubljana

The highest quality hotel in Slovenia

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