Obalno-kraška Travel Guide
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Obalno-karška, the sun, and caves

The beautiful region of Obalno-karška is at the southeast side of Slovenia, along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Obalno-karška is associated with sun, caves and horses.  

Attractions in Obalno-kraška

Attractions in Obalno-kraška

Hidden treasure in the shadow

The highest quality hotel in Slovenia

Photo credit: Sitomon / Foter / CC BY-SA

Visit the true Karst

“White pride” of Slovenia

Remains of the past shining in the colours of the ...

Tradition and preserved nature – The art of salt...

Sea, sand and sun in heart of Portorož

Starting point for exploring Piran hidden treasure...

Beautiful small church on the hill of Piran

Slovenian water life in a pocket

Photo Credits: Vilenica Cave

Stone sculptures – lost art?

Risnik, the collapsed valley

Serene sanctuary in the heart of Koper, Slovenia!