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What you must know before your next adventure

Spain is made up of 17 regions, each with its own culture. The capital, Madrid, is home to the Royal Palace and Prado museum, housing works by European masters. Segovia to the north has a fairy-tale medieval castle and Roman aqueduct. Barcelona, is popular for its Antoni Gaudí’s quirky architectu

Attractions in Spain

Drive along 12 hairpin bends on Majorca's most twi...

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The Old Cathedral of Salamanca, standing right nex...

A charming rural town in the Tramuntana mountains

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One of the Spain's most breathtaking landmarks and...

Rural town with views of uniquely shaped mountains

Sweet Breakfast

A lovely hike to a rock famous for its hole

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A park full of caves, tropical forests and more

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A secular national symbol surrounded by the Tramun...

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A medieval town with Roman ruins in the north of M...

Disvover unspoiled and untouched nature in the mou...