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What you must know before your next adventure

Switzerland may be a small country, but it has a lot to offer. It is located in Central Europe and consist of 26 cantons. It does not have a capital city, but Bern is the seat of federal authorities. If you plan to visit Switzerland you should also see other larger cities like 

Attractions in Switzerland

Have a taste of reneissance heritage in Hofkirche....

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Traditional food and peaceful atmosphere

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The castle’s terrace has an amazing view over th...

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An interesting museum

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One of the best cafes in Zurich

Tourists number one destination in Lucern.

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Treehouses providing a spectacular view

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On the shores of Lake Thun, there are many histori...

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A perfect family summer getaway place

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Cafe in Geneva you do not want to miss

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Animal lovers should visit the home to over 350 sp...

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A medieval village with a fairytale feel

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The view over the city of Sion is spectacular

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Music, theatre and street food on the shores of La...

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A gorgeous castle with walkways and towers that pr...