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Huddled up in the far north of United Kingdom, is the beautiful and quaint capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Yes people do call it the underdog of Ireland, maybe because of its size or being the second fiddle to Dublin; whatsoever, the importance of this City cannot be undermined on the European political map.
Belfast dates back to early 17th century and grew up after 1609 AD. The success of what was a small town first, was built on cotton and linen industries. In 18th century it emerged as a major commercial shipbuilding nation. The iconic Titanic was built right here.
Under British rule, it flourished in the 1900s. However there was a continuous internal Civil turmoil between the Unionists and Nationalists. In 1970s began what is popularly called ‘The Troubles’ which was dominated by hunger strikes, fight for rights by the members of IRA, the dominance of the British Army following finally the Peace Process in 1994.
As a traveller to Belfast there is so much to learn and explore. The city has a very strong character of war and peace both at the same time. The walls of the city express the sentiments of the past and present with its paintings and murals. It has iconic historic building like City Hall and also museums like Titanic Belfast. Step out of Belfast and the Irish coastline will awe you with its unspoilt beauty and charm.

Attractions in Belfast

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