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Phoenix Walking Tour: A Fun Day Activity For Kids

Get lost in Phoenix is a game suitable for kids of the age of six or above. It is designed as a city tour game with some riddles and interesting facts about the city of Phoenix. Playing a game is a great way to explore the city and its most famous sites.
There are 10 sites located not far from one another, marked with the numbers from 1 to 10. Use a map to locate the sites and solve the riddle when you reach each site. Take your time to explore the beautiful city of Phoenix and let the game be your tour guide for the day.

1. Wesley Bolin Memorial Park

What is written in the middle of the circle on the floor, located in the center of the park?

By Visitor7, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

The Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza is a well-known public place in Phoenix. In front of this urban park, the state capitol complex is located. Situated on the plaza, there are numerous memorials in honor of the individuals, who were significant for the state of Arizona as well as some of the memorials of the important historical events which have affected the state.

2. Time Capsule

If you had to make your own time capsule, what would you write in it and when would you schedule its opening?

By Visitor7, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

In the Wesley Bolin Memorial Park area, there is a time capsule that contains written names of all the contributors and donors to the USS Arizona Memorial. The capsule was sealed on December 7, 1976, and is scheduled to be opened on July 4, 2075.

3. Smurthwaite House

How many floors does the Smurthwaite House have?

Marine 69-71, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

The historic Smurthwaite House is located in the Pioneer and Military Memorial Park where you can find the graves of many of the important citizens of Phoenix. The house was built in 1897 with a purpose to be used as a boarding house. Today the house is used as the cemetery’s main office.

4. Phoenix Municipal Court

Draw the Phoenix Municipal Court building.

Photo by combusean on

Did you know?

The Phoenix Municipal Court is the largest limited jurisdiction court in the state of Arizona. It is also one of the top ten busiest municipal courts in the USA, with around 250,000 charges processed annually.

5. St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Basilica

How many stairs are leading to the main church gates?

Photo by bambe1964 on

Did you know?

Saint Mary’s Basilica is the oldest Roman Catholic parish church in Phoenix. It was founded in 1881 and is a home to the Franciscan Friars since 1895. Up until 1924, the church was the only parish church in Phoenix. It contains the largest stained glass windows collection in Arizona and 26 rank pipe organ as well.

6. Heritage Square

Name 3 important buildings that are surrounding the square.

Marine 69-71, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

Heritage Square dates back to the late 1800s and is surrounded by a collection of preserved 19th- and 20th-century homes and commercial buildings that are now used as restaurants and museums.

7. Civic Space Park

What is the color of the “Her Secret Is Patience” art at the time of your visit?

Photo by Michael | Ruiz on

Did you know?

Civic Space Park is a popular park in Phoenix, located across the Central Avenue. The park first opened to the public in April 2009. The main feature of the park is “Her Secret Is Patience” sculpture, designed by Janet Echelman. The sculpture consists of fiber nets in various colors which is suspended up to 145 feet (44 m) high and is said to cost US$2.4 million. The Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence silver medal was given to the park in 2011.

8. Westward Ho

What is written on the top of the building?

Marine 69-71, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

The Westward Ho was built in 1928 and used to be the tallest building in Arizona for over 30 years until the Meridian Bank Tower was finished in 1960. In 1980 the hotel closed and the building was converted into a housing complex for the elderly and mobility impaired which can house as many as 320 residents in 289 rooms.

9. Margaret T. Hance Park

Try all the swings on the playground.

davidpinter, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

Margaret T. Hance Park is a 32 acres big public park in Phoenix, located on the top of the freeway tunnel. It is named after Margaret Hance who was the first female mayor of the city of Phoenix. In the park, there are many important buildings and other features, some of them are the Japanese Friendship Garden, Irish Cultural Center, McClelland Irish Library, Phoenix Center for the Arts, and Burton Barr Central Library.

10. Historic Ellis-Shackelford House

How many windows does the Historic Ellis-Shackelford House have?

By Visitor7, from Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?

The Ellis-Shackelford House is the only house from the mid-1910s to the 1930s which still stands in North Central Avenue in Phoenix. During that period this part of the Central Avenue was nicknamed Millionaires’ Row due to the many expensive mansions. The house was designed by local architect R.A. Gray and built in 1917. Today people admire this technologically advanced historical building and its architectural design which distinguishes it from the houses built during other time periods.

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