January 29, 2022


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Plan to visit Serbia? These are 3 things you really need to experience!

 1. Belgrade nightlife – City that never sleeps!

   boat 20:44, nightlife
    photo credit: milivojebozovic via Google.com / CC BY
Ok you are thinking it’s just another European capital city with lots of museums, parks… Right? You are wrong!
First of all if you have never been to Balkans before, than this is the right place to start at. Belgrade offers you everything!
Try to imagine old communist buildings next to the ex Ottoman and Roman Fortress and then mix that with the most hipsterish neighborhoods and trendy bars and restaurants. Crazy right? That’s what Belgrade is all about! This vibe is so unique that it makes Belgrade completely different from any other European capital.
Ok and what about the Belgrade nightlife? Why is it interesting? Well…
First of all get ready for lots and lots of bars and clubs. No matter what is you style you will find something for your taste.
Chill bars, electro clubs, raves, parties on river boats (yes the real boats)….
In Belgrade party culture is so big, that you will definitely find a perfect spot no matter what you like.. And on top of that imagine paying 2 EUR tops for the beer! Not bad at all…
And the food? Oh my! That’s a whole different reason why you shouldn’t miss going to Serbia…
It’s a crazy mix of oriental cuisine, Turkish delicacy and Austrian and Hungarian cuisine.

2. Tara, Drina Regatta

Serbia has no sea, but it has the Perucac lake and the wonderful canyon of Drina.If you plan to visit Serbia this is the place you shouldn’t miss! When you sail down the Drina River, it leaves you speechless.
Everything is so intimate that you have a feeling that you can virtually reach out and touch the passing landscape.

It’s the cold green water beneath you as well as the rocks and the rich forests along the riverbanks that will give you the true sensation of nature.

But that is not all…  Since we are talking about Serbia here, you have to stir things up with music and drinks.

That’s what Drina Regatta is all about. No words can actually explain how unique this rafting down the Drina River actually is.

So if you want to visit Serbia in 2018 it Regatta is going to be from July 20th – July 22

It’s going to be warm and sunny in Serbia with like 30 degrees Celsius.

Everything you need to do is grab a cold beer and float down the refreshing Drina River…


 3.  Stara Planina Mountain



The name of this mountain in Serbian actually means the Old Mountain.                                                                                    And it really lives up to the name and you’ll get to see why when you arrive at this mountain.
It is located in Eastern Serbia that is really sparsely populated. This means that the nature here is really untouched, which is the biggest benefit of this mountain.The highest peek in Serbia (Midzor) is located here and it’s 2.169m, therefore a small ski resort  was built on the mountain as well.
Since Eastern Serbia is still really unknown to the tourists you will get a privileged insight into what is like to be in the untouched nature.  You are never going to have that touristy feeling, when you are surrounded with hundreds of people behind you waiting in line to take a picture on top of the mountain. This is a true bless you only get to experience in few places now in the middle of Europe.
And what is also worth mentioning the prices here are like nowhere in Europe’s touristy mountains.
Costs for one night could go as low as 5eur per night. Of course you can find more expensive accommodation, but still it’s not going to cost you nowhere close to what you are used to.You will have a feeling that the time stopped here.
The houses still look the same as they did 100 years ago, since the locals are still living almost the same, mainly from agriculture and livestock farming.That’s why eating in the restaurants in the Old Mountain is going to be unforgettable experience. If you ever come here you have to try sheep cheese and the slow cooked wheel prepared in local way!
So, start planning your trip…