January 22, 2022


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Planning Long Distance Travel in India

You can travel short distances on an impulse by just jumping in your car and racing to your destination but when it comes to long distance travel you need to plan and plan well. It does not matter which country you are in, the key to the success of your travel is planning.
India is a great country with exotic locations that need to be explored. The best way to explore India is by road as you get to meet wonderful people as well as the real India which is the villages and the abundant nature. If you decide to go on a road trip in India then you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • First and foremost you need to decide the type of car. India is vast and has different terrain and if you plan a long trip you will be moving from one terrain to another. So an all-terrain SUV would be ideal. The main highways are all good nowadays and you will love your ride.
  • Just like different terrain, India has different climate in different parts of the country. You need to plan your road trip based on the climate. Some areas may be closed during winter and some areas may be closed during monsoon season, so you need to plan accordingly.
  • Always check the distance between cities before embarking on your trip. Remember to carry a flashlight, a puncture repair kit, a first aid kit, GPS navigation system These are all life savers in case of an emergency and you should be prepared.
  • Always service your car before you embark on a long trip. Your car should be ready and purring. If you have a good car, you will have a pleasant journey.
  • Though many people like night driving, it is best avoided unless you know the landscape and route inside out. You can have a good drive in the day itself, so why risk driving at night.
  • Always take rest every 2 hours. Walk around for a few minutes, have a cup of coffee or tea, get refreshed and then start your drive.
  • Book hotels for your stay in the route that you have plotted.
  • Plan the itinerary in such a way that you reach your hotel before sunset.

The above mentioned points are ideal for every traveller who is planning to travel long distance by road in India.