January 22, 2022


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The Best Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Stockholm

We all know how expensive Europe can be. Absolutely nothing comes for cheap here and if you are at Stockholm, know that you are in one of the costliest cities of Europe. So, definitely, you may always be looking for the different ways by which you can cut down on your expenses. So, to make your trip more enjoyable and budget freely, we present to you cheap or free things which you can do when you are in Stockholm.

1. A slice of history

Photo by windyjonas on Foter.com
Photo by windyjonas on Foter.com

Whenever you visit a place, we recommend taking a slice of history. This is precisely what helps you know the town well. So, when we came to know that there are a few historical points of interest which you can explore for free, we really wanted you to know about it.
Gamla Stan which is the old town is surely a place worth visiting. You can find some of the narrowest streets amidst the cobbled lanes of Stockholm here.
Also, head to Stortorget, which is the main square in the old town. When there, try Kaffekoppen which is present at the westernmost edge.
You should also head to Tyska Kyrkan which is one of the most famous German churches that dates back to the 1571 and the interior is to die for.

2. Wandering in the park

Photo by when_night_falls on Foter.com
Photo by when_night_falls on Foter.com

If you have kids along with you and you want them to have a great deal of fun too, we recommend heading to Tensta. It is a free park and comes with plenty of obstacles which you need to hop over to enjoy your time here.
On some nights in August, free films are screened under the open skies in parks like Rålambhovsparken which is located on the islands of Kungsholmen.
You will find a lot of parks that are freely accessible to tourists and public. So, you can head to tourist information center or even ask the local for help. They will be glad to assist you. Click pictures, make memories, unwind and relax at the beautiful parks. Of course, you can take a look at the activities ongoing there and participate in them to further increase your fun.

3. Fun activities

Photo by Infomastern on Foter.com
Photo by Infomastern on Foter.com

Geocaching is one of the fun activities you should definitely engage in. It is almost like a treasure hunt and at the same time, it gives you the option of going the off beaten track and exploring some of the hidden gems. If you are the kind who likes to visit places that aren’t popular but worth your time, this activity will definitely take you to a lot of such spots.
Laser tag is another fun activity you can indulge in. This isn’t really free but it is cheap enough to help you have fun without burning too big a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is head to Cybertown at St Eriksgatan and you will be all set to enjoy this amazing entertaining activity.
Ice dancing is one of the popular activities too many locals indulge in. If you have your own skates, this activity is completely free for you or else you can rent them at approximately 60 SEK per hour. The octagonal ice rink at Kungstradgarden is definitely the place to be but it opens only during the winter. On a few Saturday nights, you can also find disco skating sessions as well.
You can even choose to longboard at the parks in Stockholm.
You can buy your own board once and then enjoy this activity whenever you want or you can also choose to rent it as well.

4. Museums and galleries

Photo by denisbin on Foter.com
Photo by denisbin on Foter.com

While most museums can be an expensive affair, there are a few free museums in the city too. This is why you should do a thorough research and find out the museums that can be visited for free.
The Medeltids Museet gives you a glimpse of medieval Stockholm and is free to visit. Further, you can head to Sjöhistoriska. It is a maritime museum and will help you see how Sweden conquered the seas.
The Money Museum at Gamla Stan helps you see some of the biggest coins of the world which weighs nearly 20 kgs.
The Nobel Museet helps you see what it takes to win the Nobel Prize as it narrates the stories of the different recipients of this prestigious award. Usually, there is an entrance fee of 100 SEK for this museum but if you are headed on Tuesday evenings from 5 pm to 8 pm, the entry is free.
Behold some of the best real-life treasures at Historiska which is the main history museum of the city. You will find more than 50kg of gold that has been stuffed in the vault of the museum. Surely, this place attracts quite a lot of visitors.
The Moderna Museet will amaze you as you can find some of the trippiest sculptures there. The main collection of the museum is also free.
Aren’t these too many options already? Remember, this isn’t all as Stockholm boasts of a lot of free activities. So, if you know how to dig the right details, or scour the apt information; you will be able to enjoy the whole of Stockholm for remarkably reduced prices.
Of course, there are a few paid attractions too which you must pay a visit. After all, when you visit a place, you should explore it in a way that you become a local for the tourists. Unwind and relax at the umpteen parks, attend the free festivals, take too many pictures at the different scenic points and cook your own meal – this is the ideal recipe for a budget holiday to one of the most expensive cities of Europe. Sounds like quite a plan, isn’t it?