January 16, 2022


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The Best Slovakian Lakes Which Will Make You Pack Your Bags Now

Slovakia is the perfect European paradise which will give you some of the best travel goals. If you are the kind of person who loves the transcending beauty of the lakes, this is the country you need to visit.
Here, we are going to explore some of the most majestic lakes in this country which will leave a mark on you and make you crave to head there right away. Talk about being impatient for a travel plan!

1. Liptovska Mara

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Liptovska Mara”]
Covering an area of 22 square kilometers, this is the largest water basin in the whole country. It is, however, a man-made dam which was constructed with the main aim of avoiding the annual flooding of Vah river which was quite a frequent phenomenon.
You need to head here to behold the mesmerizing views of the mountains along with the picturesque pebble beach. There are a lot of boat trips and plenty of adrenaline junkie activities you could indulge in too.
Even if you are a foodie, you have a lot to cheer about as there are endless eateries that dot the area.

2. Zelena Voda

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Zelena Voda”]
When translated into the English language, Zelena Voda means Green water. Do not go by the literal translation because the water isn’t really green rather it is nice, blue and very clean. If you have a thing for nature, this is the best place to be. You can find endless people camping here and there are plenty of mobile homes and caravan too to accommodate the tourists who tend to come here all round the year.
Many a time, you can find jazz and electronic fest being held here. So, enjoying those could be an added bonus for you. Not only this, you will also find some of the most majestic ruins of the medieval castles too. So, make it a point to spend ample time here and cherish the best of views and enjoy a splendid time.

3. Popradské Pleso

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The Popradské Pleso tarn is by far one of the most popular places among tourists who come to Slovakia. A mountain lake by nature, it is very easily accessible. You can reach here either by a bike or a car and if you love to trek, there is also a feasibility of reaching here by foot as well.
This place is mainly famous for the kind of incredible views which you can steal. You will also find a cemetery nearby which has been devoted to people who worked and met a tragic death in the High Tatras.
Do not miss out the chance to have a splendid lunch at the cottage hotels which is located right by the lake. When in Slovakia, there is no way you can miss out on this wonderful spot that is perfect in ways more than one.

4. Velke Hincovo Pleso

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Velke Hincovo Pleso”]
This happens to be the biggest and yet the deepest glacial mountain lake. Located in the High Tatras, it has a depth of 53 meters and it tends to stay frozen for as many as 270 days in the whole year.
This lake was named after a shepherd who was the first guy to have entered the valley where the lake was found. The specialty of the lake is the fact that the water is so clear that you can see as deep as 12 meters. No doubt, you will crave to immediately head there because the serenity and peace which you will get when you enjoy the scenic extravaganza is going to blow your mind.

5. Senecke Lakes

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Sunny Lakes”]
Also called as Sunny lakes, it is an excellent place for those who like to have some fun and enjoy their time unwinding the stress of the day. It is located just a few kilometers away from the city of Bratislava. It is also very famous for spotting and you can find too many swimmers queuing up to enjoy their time here.
This is yet another man-made basin which was constructed back in the 19th century. It has a lot of things to offer to everyone who wants to have a fun-filled day. You can find endless cultural events, sporting activities and the place has a lot of bars nearby too. You can also stay at the restaurants and hotels which are found in abundance.
If you have kids with you, do not miss out on the water amusement park which is located very close-by.

6. Zemplinska Sirava

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Are you absolutely crazy about sailing? Zemplinska Sirava is the second largest dam in Slovakia and it is located in the eastern region. There are seven different resorts which are located around the lake area. You will also find boat rental services here.
You can find beaches nearby which is grassy and there are pebbled ones too. Also, make it a point to visit the water park nearby and you can enjoy your time here.
These are the best lakes in Slovakia and they are good enough to make you plan the perfect trip right away. You do not need to visit all of them but you should definitely try to see as many as you can because every experience is going to be rewarding.