January 29, 2022


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The Top 10 Restaurants In Kampala

Kampala is the small but ever-growing capital city of Uganda in East Africa. With a wide variety of cultural food and recipes, restaurants are in plenty here. These are some of the best you should not miss when in Kampala.

1. 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”7 Hills Revolving Restaurant”]
This is a restaurant that revolves a whole 360 degrees to reveal the 7 major hills of Kampala City. Inside the restaurant, it is cozy and warm. You may not notice that you are moving except for the slowly changing view through the glass windows. And as you take in the amazing views, you can enjoy a wide variety of wines and continental foods. The prices range from $6 to $40. The restaurant sits on top of Golf Course hotel on Yusuf Lule road and is at a walking distance from two big malls. So it is a great stopover while in Kampala.

2. Café Javas

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Café Javas is a chain restaurant that is hard to miss when in Kampala. There are seven different outlets around the city and growing. All are decorated with different themes to offer varying atmospheres. But aside from the changes in the ambiance of these chain restaurants, their food and service stand at the same professional standard. The portions of their servings are always very healthy and filling and worth their price. From coffee, ice-creams, to a variety of fast foods and soft drinks, there is much to satiate your cravings. The chains within the city center have little parking area though. So you may have to park somewhere else and then take a walk to the restaurant.

3. Kati Kati Restaurant

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Kati Kati Restaurant”]
Located at some distance out of the main city center on the Lugogo bypass, Kati Kati is mostly famous for its great sumptuous Indian dishes as well as Chinese and African cuisines. There are also many seating options here that you can choose from. A cozy indoor restaurant, an outdoor restaurant in a nice garden, another partially covered seating area next to the garden, a bar and three conference halls for meetings and conferences. The atmosphere is also filled with soft background music in addition to large screens usually showing soccer matches and other entertainment. The parking space is also more than enough and there is never any crowding.

4. The Lawns

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Lawns”]
If you are looking for some game meat and barbeque, The Lawns is the restaurant to go to in Kampala. It is located at the foot of Kololo hill overlooking the golf course. The game meat comes in a wide variety including crocodile, wild beef, and antelope, among others. To smooth down the meat, they also offer a wide range of cocktails and beers. There is an inside seating arrangement with an intriguing African style décor. Plus the option of relaxing outside in a beautiful green garden. On weekends and some weekdays, they also entertain customers with fun live band music shows.

5. Mediterraneo Restaurant

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Mediterraneo Restaurant”]
Popular for fantastic Italian food from a real Italian chef, the menu at Mediterraneo is extensive with all sorts of pizzas, pasta, salads, and soups. The prices here are a bit on the higher side though. Nevertheless, people keep flowing in not only for the food but also for the captivatingly serene ambiance.  With wooden tables amidst some trees, lit by low burning oil lamps, the atmosphere is romantic. It is perfect for a date, some quiet alone time or even a cozy evening with friends. You can find Mediterraneo on Acacia Avenue near Protea hotel and the presidential showgrounds.

6. The Bistro

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The Bistro is a lovely bright café in Kisementi, a busy suburb of Kampala. Inside the café, you can lounge in comfortable leather couches. Endowed with simple but eye-catching art and decorations, the café draws in many on a daily. There is also shade from open canopies for those who prefer to sit out. On the menu, there is a lot to choose from for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as quick bites. The prices are fair too adding to its popularity. The only problem being lack of ample parking space to cater for all those who love to hang out here.

7. Seven Seas Restaurant

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Seven Seas Restaurant”]
This one is found at the Sheraton Hotel, one of the five-star hotels in Kampala. As the name suggests, seafood is on the menu including mouthwatering lobsters. They also have a big breakfast buffet, many pastries, and sweets, salads, desserts, amazing pork ribs to mention but a few. The staff is well trained and attentive too. Many love this partially indoor restaurant and it is usually frequented with hotel residents and non-residents just coming in to enjoy the food. Another good stop over when in Kampala as it is very accessible and close to many of the other things you may need around the city.

8. Brisk Restaurant Café and Lounge

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Brisk Restaurant Café and Lounge”]
Brisk restaurant on Wampewo Avenue off Jinja road gives you the option to change the environment and ambiance around you without having to leave. They have a beautifully set restaurant, a comfortable bar, as well as a relaxing and peaceful lounge at the back. You can navigate around these and feel like you are totally in different places altogether. So it is easy to spend the day there working on your laptop without getting tired of sitting in one place. There is a lot to choose from the menus too at the bar, restaurant or lounge café and the prices are more on the low side.

9. St. Anthony’s Restaurant

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Now, you cannot leave Kampala without a taste of some real local Ugandan cuisine. A local dish called luwombo is one of the favorites of both locals and expats alike. And St. Anthony’s serves some of the best luwombo dishes alongside many other local food options. It is found next to the French Embassy, on Lumumba Avenue. The restaurant is spacious with good customer care. Also now famous for their generous food portions that keep many going back, the prices are very fair too and worth the quantity and taste of food. There is ample parking space to cater to the frequent customers.

10. 2K Restaurant

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”2K Restaurant”]
Another restaurant for some great Ugandan local dishes, they usually have a big buffet of Ugandan cooked dishes to choose from. The staff is friendly and quick. The food portions are also satisfying enough although the prices may fall on the higher side. They have two branches in the city. One is downtown next to the old taxi park. This part of town is very busy and crowded. The other is a little out of the busy city center in a Kampala suburb called Bakuli, on Hoima road. Parking space is limited for both branches as they are next to busy public roads.