Top 10 Adventurous Places to Visit in India

India is one of the profitable places on the planet to have endeavor exercises, whether it is a safari in a nature hold, a camel ride through the desert or a trek through the mountains. India has numerous escapade destinations that draw in numerous exploit devotees to India. Experience games like trekking, mountaineering, rafting and rock climbing; and water games like snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving are carried out in numerous places in India. Here are top 10 best experience places for Adventure in India:

1. Rishikesh (Water Rafting)


River Rafting is one of the wonderful adventures which you will not forget in your life and Rishikesh is the perfect place. Your perfect Ganges steady stream, gushing involving careful bathe, is recognized as among the well-known dilemma place regarding waterway rafting. Alaknanda, set up regarding twenty-eight km upstream in the community of Rishikesh is amongst the interesting steady stream extends regarding white drinking water rafting. Your untamed lake of violent channels difficulties the actual cut-off items of explorers, supplying enthralling understanding. For accommodation, you can find hotels and jungle camps. If you want to feel the nature very closely then prefer Jungle camps.

2. Jaisalmer (Camel Safari)


Jaisalmer is known as the golden city of Rajasthan. Camel safari is popular as Desert Safari and takes you to the soft golden sand of the desert. Camel Safari with Jaisalmer offers a top notch encounter in which activities an individual! It does not take most ideal procedure for check out the actual good thing about leave town, beautified using new community in addition to methods. Take pleasure in the actual drive with a fishing boat of leaves, looking at the actual splendid coated clips in addition to experience the lively community of villagers.

3. Auli (Snow Skiing)


Established in the Garhwal off-road variety, Auli is well known regarding encountering some sort of colorful project workouts. Desired using many stunning sloping extends in addition to frosty trails, it bracelets the actual carefree individuals to obtain the snowfall snowboarding starting. Auli is the favorite destination for anyone for snow skiing. There will be qualified instructors who will guide you in every way. There are classes available for learning the skiing and they will provide you certificate also.

4. Sikkim (Trekking)


Your awesome foothills of Sikkim fascinate the actual daring lovers. It gives much sublime hiking training, to the touch the surface of shifted level in addition to feel the marvels of nature. Loaded environment-friendly valleys provide limitless likelihood in order to hike oddities in addition to expertise unmatched greenery. Your awesome fineness of hiking courses improved using snowfall-capped surfaces in addition to alpine ponds, baits the actual trekkers through just about everywhere across the world. Along with trekking, you can find another adventure that is driving in Nathula Pass road. You can try it also.

5. Gulmarg (Skiing, Skating)


Gulmarg was once generally known as ‘glade of blossoms’, gloats a lot of fascinating locations regarding snowboarding in addition to roller skating. Your enjoyable surroundings hypnotize the actual site visitors along with a fantastic place regarding starting lovers. Your snowfall guaranteed locales fascinate the actual people to participate on their own in certain carefree workouts, for example, roller skating in addition to snowboarding. Another adventurous activity is going to come in your bucket along with skiing. Gondola ride, which is the second highest cable car in the world and gives you a wonderful view of Gulmarg.

6. Manali (Skiing, Rafting, Paragliding)


Your virgin crests with Manali, guaranteed using white snowfall lovers, sucks in the actual adventure lovers through in the entire world. In the winters, the actual trend reaches always be excellent to come across the actual joy of snowboarding. Your mesmerizing ice-secured slants set ups the perfect getaway to appreciate fascinating expertise workouts in which abandons an individual using everlasting recollections. Rohtang Pass in Manali is the main place to enjoy the adventure of Ice-Skiing. There you will get the equipment and guide to performing this activity. If you know skiing then it will be ok and if you don’t then guide will help you there. Paragliding and River Rafting are other adventurous activities to enjoy here.

7. Lakshadweep (Scuba Diving)


Your wonderful Hawaiian islands of Lakshadweep are really a nirvana regarding technical scuba diving jumpers. Look into different dazzling coral accomplishments included upwards into the drinking water physiques. Expertise fluctuated amphibian kinds by partaking by you with snorkeling adventure. Scuba Diving is a thrilling adventure activity underwater. Agatti Island is the popular for this activity to see the life in underwater. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore the fishes, turtles, shark etc. Kayaking, Boating, Water Skiing are the another option to fall in love with this place. If you love seafood then must try crabs and fry octopus. It is really scary in hearing but it is very tasty like other non-veg items.

8. Goa (Water Sports)


Goa is really an illusion getaway regarding thrillers which has to perform ocean browsing on about the roaring lake. It does not take the best position regarding browsers to come across the actual colossal joy of messing around with sea. Water sports are the best option to enjoy the beaches. There are various water activities but the mainly consider are Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Boating, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Wind Surfing etc. October to May is the best season to enjoy these activities. If you are visiting Goa then must not forget to try Goan Delicious food and shopping.

9. Garhwal (Paragliding)


Garhwal with Uttarakhand is amongst the visible place regarding para-light weight airplanes. Your fragile pitches sides provide enable you to dominate in excess of one’s burglar alarm of statues. The encompassing viewpoint of website hypnotizes the actual para-lightweight flyers and they appreciate the knowledge of amazing flights. Paragliding is a flying sport and Uttarakhand is the best place for beginners. Pratap Nagar, Dayara Bugyal, Dhanaulti, Bedni Bugyal and Nainitaal are the places where you can find this adventure activity.

10. Mysore (Skydiving)



In your childhood, you had thought about the fly in the sky but couldn’t ever. If you have desired to fly freely like a bird so you can do it. Go for Skydiving and complete your dream. Mysore is the best place for skydiving in India. You will find various camps which offer the classes and tips. Go with experts and they will guide about jumps, free falls to make you wonderful experience.


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A.River Rafting in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand B.Jaisalmer Camel Safari, Rajasthan C.Skiing in Auli, Uttarakhand D.Goechala Lake Trek, Sikkim E.Skiing in Gulmarg F.River Rafting Manali, Himachal Pradesh G.Scuba Diving Lakshadweep H.Jet Skiing, Goa I.Nainitaal Paragaliding, Garhwal J.Sky Diving Mysore