January 29, 2022


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Top 10 Attractions For Children In Poznań

Poznań is a great place not only for adults but also for younger tourists. Below you will find a list of top 10 attractions for children in Poznań that will make your time pleasant while visiting the biggest city of Wielkopolska.


1. Wartofrajda

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MOs810, via Wikimedia Commons


Wartofrajda is one of the largest and most interesting playgrounds in Poznań. The main idea in the design of the square, developed during many meetings, was to form a creative space, allowing for a variety of children’s interpretation. Therefore, some devices emit sounds, hidden in the ground trampolines and fun installations that integrate children. Disabled children and children under the age of three are also allowed to use the playground, which has special attractions prepared for them. The whole area of the playground is lowered. On one hand, it makes it easier for parents to control kids, and on the other hand, it evokes the shape of a river that once flowed there.


2. ZOO and Zoolandia

Kwolana, via Wikimedia Commons


The ZOO in Poznan is the second largest zoo in Poland in terms of area. It is divided into two parts – Old ZOO and New ZOO. Admission to the old part is free. The new one is much larger. The ZOO is famous for its collection of birds of prey and owls, which belongs to one of the richest in Europe.


There is also an impressive butterfly shop in which you can see hundreds of butterflies living in a natural environment. Children from 3 to 13 years old can also have fun at the Zoolandia rope park in the New ZOO. On its route you can find, for example, hanging bridges, a slide or a Tyrolean rally.


3. Teatr Animacji (The Animation Theather)

Neo (EZN), via Wikimedia Commons


The Animation Theater is the most interesting place on the children’s theatrical map of Poznan. This puppet theater dates back to 1945, but under the current name, it has been functioning since 1980. On its boards, performances prepared for the youngest are staged every day. The young audience can get to know both classic stories and proprietary projects of contemporary artists. To make children’s sessions more enjoyable, the actors willingly interact with the audience and encourage the children to play and sing together. Theater visitors can also visit the Puppet and Scenery Gallery at the back of the theater.


4. Family Cafe



Family Cafe is not only a cafe where delicious French pastries and coffee are served, but it is also a restaurant with an open kitchen, children-friendly. Thanks to the workshops offered by this place you can develop your skills in a fun atmosphere. The offer includes creative workshops, workshops for kindergartens and organized groups, the Small Researcher’s Club, ballet classes and music-promoting classes. It is also a perfect place for events for adults with children. During the meetings, parents can take care of themselves and have fun, and children are then under the care of animators.


5. Tajemniczy Pokój (Mysterious Room)



Adults around the world have been willing to solve puzzles in secret rooms for several years. And what about children? Poznań knows the answer to these needs. Tajemniczy Pokój is an escape room designed especially for children. It has two scenarios to offer: “To the rescue of tigers” and “Attack of the dinosaurs”. The room with the theme of tigers is a reality jungle. The task of the participants is to solve the thematic puzzles that will lead to the rescue of a small tiger, which during his play departed from the family and got lost on the way back.


“Attack of the dinosaurs” is also a rescue mission. This time, however, as a result of a plane crash, which landed on a mysterious island inhabited by great dinosaurs, you learn about a dangerous T-Rex, who wants to devour smaller animals, so they need protection. Although the Mysterious Room is mainly an attraction for children, the room of riddles is also a great alternative to spending free time for adults. Fun scenarios for them were also prepared there, however with more difficult puzzles in similar subjects as for children: “King Kong” and “Jurassic Park”.


6. Malta Ski

Bolando, via Wikimedia Commons


The name “Malta Ski” already suggests that it’s a ski resort. But that’s not all this place has to offer. The basis of the activity of Malta Ski are two ski slopes located on the Freedom Mound. The large 150 m long is served by two chairlifts. A smaller driving slope, 30 m long, supports a ski lift. The slopes in the winter season work even if there is no snow, thanks to the artificial surface. There is also equipment rental and a ski school with a wide range of courses and lessons. However, when it gets warmer, you can slide down the slope on the raft. It’s great fun for the whole family. The summer toboggan run or the Adrenaline roller coaster will also provide much entertainment. Also, there is an internal and external playground, Mini Golf and the School of Little Driver. And all this on the shores of Lake Malta, one of the symbols of the city.


7. Blubry



Blubry is an interactive exhibition in 6D. During the 30-minute trips through the magic maze, participants have the opportunity to get acquainted in an interactive way with legends of Poznań. To enhance the experience, visitors have 3D glasses at their disposal. Also, special effects such as lasers, fog or gusts of wind are used to create the exhibition. This place is also open to foreign tourists who can use the audio guide in English, German and Spanish.


8. Pyrland Rope Park



Pyrland Rope Park is located in the middle of a forest in the center of Poznań. The park has several routes with different levels of difficulty, intended for both experienced adults and kids. Even three-year-olds can participate in the play! In addition to the routes with obstacles, in the park, there are also two Tyrolean routes to downhill ride on the ropes. The choice of routes and attractions guarantees that everyone will find something for themselves. The team also helps the visitors to choose a route and ensure their safety.


9. Termy Maltańskie

Rzuwig, via Wikimedia Commons


Termy Maltańskie is the largest sports and recreation center in Poland and the second-largest facility of this type in Europe. The facility has 18 recreational and sports swimming pools and a sauna zone. Aquapark situated there is a perfect place for active relaxation for both adults and children. There are 16 pools and 13 water slides of different heights and shapes. There is a paddling pool, a pirate ship, and a children’s play area for the little ones. The center uses natural thermal waters with healing properties.


10. Brama Poznania (The Gate of Poznan)



Brama Poznania is an interactive museum, inside of which you can get acquainted with the history of the oldest part of the city – Ostrów Tumski. During the tour, each of the visitors receives headphones, through which the virtual guide can carry them out after the exhibition filled with historical exhibits and multimedia presentations. Families with children can also take advantage of the special offer of a family guided tour of the exhibition, which is organized every Saturday. Then the youngest visitors can learn through play. An adult ticket costs PLN 36, a ticket for children costs PLN 12 and the cost of a ticket for a family with children is PLN 36.