Top 10 Interesting Tours in Serbia

1. Visit of The Royal Complex

Serbian royal family Karadjordjevic has opened the doors of their home for visitors two years ago. Tour consist out of visiting the royal complex of Royal and White palace. Royal palace was build between 1924 and 1929 in Serbian-Byzantine style and it was a home of King Alexander I and King Peter II. The White Palace (Beli dvor) was build as a residence for King Alexander I three sons and it took almost four years to get build (1934-1937). It is a classistic with furniture in style of Louis XV and Louis XVI. Tours are organised by Tourist organization of Belgrade and you need to book it few days before hand.

2. Magic Fantast Castle

One of the wealthiest family on the turn of the XIX century in Vojvodina made an amazing and original castle complex 60 km from Novi Sad and 12 km from Becej. Fantast Castle was a vision of the owner Bogdan Dundjerski so castle is also called Dundjerski Castle. Visitors can admire great architecture in typical style of XIX century and the chapel painted by famous Serbian artist Uros Predic on the estate, as well. Now, castle is a hotel and a restaurant with only 65 hectares of the surroundings left from the original 1500 back in XX century.

3. Belgrade underground

Under ground of Belgrade tells legends and secrets from Roman, Austrian and Ottoman times. Rich history lays beneath the city waiting for you to discover it! These underground rooms were interesting to people throught history and you have a opportunity to experience them. In the Roman hall there is foundation of Roman gate from II century and a Roman well. After that, you will get a look inside into a secret spy bunker from the World War II and learn more about Serbia in that point in time. There are also different unexpected tunnels and halls that will intrigue you and that will make you tour even more exciting.

4. Amazing meanders of Uvac

This wonder of nature is located in soutwestern Serbia, near Nova Varos and Sjenica and it is a natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Uvac lake is a part of special nature reserve do to plant and animal species that can be found in this region. It is one of the most popular destinations in Serbia because of it’s breathtaking beauty. What makes this river unique are the amazing natural curved meanders that river has made by finding it’s way through rocks. Water is emerald green and you can experience this beauty of nature up close by going on a touristic boat ride.

5. Ride on the nostalgic train

The Shargan 8 train track was constructed in 1925. The train track was 1666 m long and it’s narrow track was a revolutionary solution for the climbed ground. It was closed in 1974 but part of it was opened again in the 1995. Now you can experience a touristic ride called Nostalgia on the famous train Cira. With the sounds of train on the tracks and Serbian ethno music in the background, you will enjoy the hills  and panoramic views of Mokra Gora. Ride is an hour long and the track is 15440 m long with 22 tunnels and over 5 bridges.

6. Smederevo wine route

Serbia has a long tradition of viticulture and wine making, going back to Roman times. Geografical position of Serbia and it’s climate makes it ideal for wine growing in every part of country with over 700 types of wines. From Palic in the north to do Metohija on the south, wine routes are marked all over Serbia, going in every direction. Smederevo wine route is located between Dunav river on one and Velika Morava river on the other side on ground perfect for wine growing. In XV century historical figures Stefan Lazarevic and Djuradj Brankovic spreaded vineyards in area of Smederevo. Now, you can visit three wine cellars in Smederevo and try finest local wine.

7. See Belgrade from the river

Some of the biggest treasures of Belgrade are it’s rivers- Sava and Dunav. Seeing Belgrade from the river will you give you a new perspective of what the capital city has to offer! You can see and admire architecture of all the bridges in Belgrade up close, with the view of other significant buildings of Belgrade as well. The boat will take you to the point where these two rivers meet and all the way to Zemun, one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade. Do not miss out on seeing a sunset over Kalemegdan and Nebojsa Tower from the Sava river.

8. Cruise on the river Dunav

River Dunav played a great role in the history of Serbia. Tour will take you through some of the most important places in the northeast Serbia. Some of the first and, later, most important cities were build near Dunav. A four day cruise will give you a tour through Serbian history. Dunav will lead you from the one of the biggest Mesolith and Neolith archaeological sights Lepenski Vir to fortress of Roman emperor Trajan in Kladovo, the first Roman fort on river Dunav Viminacijum and fortress of Golubac from XIV century and many other important historical sights.

9. Fruska gora

Fruska gora is located in northwest Serbia in Vojvodina. It is the only mountain of Vojvodina with it’s highest point Crveni cot (535 m) . It is a great place for a day trip with lot of activities. Fruska gora is often called Serbian Atos, do to the 16 monasteries that are spread through the mountain complex. This area is also well known for it’s excellent wines and wineries. Often, these wineries have authentic ethno interiors that you can enjoy in with a glass of wine. Fruska gora also offers you a getaway from busy city streets with Banja Vrdnik and many options for camping and accommodation in the nature.

10. Romantic ride to Sremski Karlovci

Every Saturday in August there is a museum train called Romance going from Belgrade to Sremski Karlovci. A scenic train ride to Sremski Karlovci is a great start of a tour through one of the most beautiful historic towns in Srbia. Sremski Karlovci is a town in Vojvodina on the right side of Dunav, 12 km from Novi Sad and 80 km from Belgrade. Neoclassic architecture is characteristic for this picturesc town . Some of the oldest and most significant buildings in Serbia are located in Sremski Karlovci. Some of them are: high school and library, Roman Catholic church, Chapel of peace and Orthodox cathedral of Saint Nicholas.


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