January 28, 2022


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Top 10 places in South Tyrol, Italy


Merano is an old town, known by its culture and as the city of Austrian royals, Freud, Kafka, and Pound. You will have the chance to admire their medieval city gates, gothic churches, and some castles. In the summer you can visit the concerts on the promenade along the river and in the winter you can visit the ski resort Meran 2000. While walking in the beautiful and well-kept parks, you can admire the view of the surrounding hills. It has a very mild climate and lots of great spa centers. Meran is well known for its wines and vineyards. Their local wine is Meraner Leiten and their local beer, from the local Brewery, is Forst.


Dobbiaco is a smaller city, very close to the border with Austria. It’s known for many fashion stores, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. From the town, you can see the famous mountains “Drei Zinen” or in English Three Peaks. A Very visited point of the city is the Dobbiaco Lake from where the view of the mountains is magnificent. By the lake, there is a good restaurant and a huge parking place, where you can almost always find free parking spots. In this small city, you will also find a very good adrenaline park. If you really want to see the whole city, visit the Ratsberg hotel which lies above the city.

Lake Misurina

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Lake Misurina is located at an altitude of 1754 meters and its perimeter is 2.6 km long. You can arrive there by car or by chairlift. Because of the very clean air and unspoiled nature nearby, a visit to this place is very recommendable for all people with respiratory problems and there is the only hospital in Italy for children with asthma. By the lake, there are few hotels, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. All the mountains, including the famous mountain Three Peaks, seems very close from this point. No matter what is the season, dress warmly before coming here (even in August).


Bolzano is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in North Italy. With a population of a little over 100.000, it is also the largest city in South Tyrol. This city is known as an important cultural and artistic town in Europe. So you will find lots of museums, castles, Gothic and Romanesque churches and squares. It is also a town of festivals; during the winter, you can visit the Christmas markets, in spring, the flower festival, in the summertime, the South Tyrol Jazz Festival, and so many other events. It has very good cycling paths, so you can easily rent a bike and have a bike tour around the city.


Brunico is a very old town, first mentioned already in the 13th Century. It is very well known for winter tourism and is a very good starting point for different winter activities. You will find a lot of hotels and tourist facilities there. In the winter, there is a popular winter market in the old town, where you can taste their local food and drinks and, of course, buy some local souvenirs. It’s also a great place for walkers, hikers, climbers, and cyclists. The Brunico Castle, which lies on the top of the hill, offers a beautiful view over the city. The interiors of the castle host numerous emblems of the bishops who lived there; Albert von Enna (1323-1326), Ulrich Putsch (1427-1437), Andreas of Austria (1591-1600), and many more.


The Kronplatz is the most famous mountain in South Tyrol, with a height of 2,275m. They have three natural parks on the mountain, with some protected and unique plants and animals. In the winter, it is a fabulous skiing resort, offering fun for every generation. Their ski lanes are very well regulated and appropriate for all sorts of different skiing activities. The offer on the mountain has it all: great lanes, apartments located by the ski lanes, a wide range of services, great culinary offer, and the location with the best view. In the summer, the mountain is also appropriate for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking.

Villabassa / Niederdorf

Villabassa is a spa village, with an altitude of 1130 meters. Because of its healthy climate, it’s the best choice for a relaxing vacation, regardless of the season. In the center of the village, there is a health park named Kurpark, with a recreation area, lake, picnic area, kids playground, tennis court, a pavilion for people with respiratory problems, and the first outdoor Kneipp park in Italy. Behind the camping area Olimpya there is also a small outdoor zoo, entrance is free of charge. They have little ponies, rabbits, ducks, goats, peacocks, and chickens. They all live together as one family and it’s really something to see.

San Candido

San Candido is the city that is hosting Italy’s International Snow Sculpture Festival each year. At this festival, you can see snow sculptures in a big size of different animals, cars, motors, people, etc. There is also a ski resort with great lanes for skiing and snowboarding, but for all of those who don’t ski, there is a great lane for sledding. The beginning of the sled lane is on the top of the mountain and the chairlift takes you there. The track is really fantastic. In the summer there are organized summer sledging. In the city, there is also an indoor swimming pool, which is open throughout the year and has also very good pizzeria on the 1st floor. The city organizes different festivals and markets throughout the whole year and it is a great place to spend your family vacation.

Lago di Braies

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Crystal clear lake located at an altitude of 1500 meters. This place is perfect for a relaxing day or holidays as the lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the nearby forest. Along the lake is a walking path, so that it is possible to walk around the whole circle. Near the lake is also the hotel which offers accommodation and a restaurant. Shops are selling local souvenirs at reasonable prices and a bar with fast food and drinks. The location is ideal for romantic moments, picnics, and admiration of unspoiled nature.

Cortina d’Ampezo

Known as Italy’s premium ski resort for Alpine skiing, freeride, ski mountaineering, Nordic ski, snowboard, ice hockey, and much more. It has a typical alpine climate with long winters and very low temperatures. But it’s not only known for skiing, but it’s also known as the home to some prestigious fashion brands. You will find lots of fashion stores, premium stores with mountain equipment and clothing, fine restaurants, and cafes. Most of the hotels nearby are on a higher level, but still, you can find some favorable, private accommodation.