January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Bratislava At Night

You might be surprised, but Bratislava has more authentic offers for nightlife than any other Eastern European capital. In the light of day, the city looks tranquil and even a bit easy-paced. When the night begins, it instantly transforms. Let’s see what the city has to offer:


1. Virtual Reality Gin & Tonic Bar



VR Gin & Tonic Bar is an absolutely incredible place. The virtual reality experience is of high quality. Additionally, the drinks are amazing and the staff is super friendly. They will be a great help and give you a clear instruction of how it all works. What is more, there is a wide range of games to choose from. Listen to staff’s recommendations, when it comes to the choice of the game and you will leave the place speechless for it will exceed all your expectations.


2. Cierny Pes

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


If you feel like grabbing a craft beer in the environment of a small pub, pay a visit to Cierny Pes. This place is located in the old town. It is very close to the tram stop, within the walking distance to Obchodna street and Bratislava Castle. The beers in Cierny Pes are outstandingly tasty. They are not over hopped and well balanced.


Cierny Pes is not difficult to locate. Ask for Na Vrsku and you will find it on one of the back streets of Bratislava’s hilarious Old Town.  This pub is definitely worth to be checked out if you happen to be in the area.


3. Gallery Andy



Gallery Andy is one of the chicest bars in Bratislava. Don’t think that it’s just a myth! Gallery Andy is situated on Beblaveho, one of the streets that leads you to Bratislava Castle. Great location and a great bar. Gallery Andy is awesome. It’s designed in cellar style but when you descend the stairs you will see that this place is decked out to look like a vintage tram, with its wood-paneled walls, great murals, superb décor, and furnishings. Additionally, there’s a terrace so that you can sit outside.


4. Nu Spirit club

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Nu Spirit club is a good option for nightlife, with great DJs. You will really enjoy the music, the good vibes and tasty drinks for a reasonable price. Add nice service to everything mentioned above, and you will all this at the Nu Spirit Club. They have a variety of programs and SBS really care about the safety issue. Wait a second, here is one more advantage of the Nu Spirit Club. Smoking and non-smoking area are two separate places. This is definitely a must for non-smokers in Bratislava!


5. Zbrojnos pub



If there’s a pub that is going to be full of people on Michalska, we are talking about Zbrojnos Pub and here are the reasons for its popularity.  Zbrojnos definitely looks cool. The chunky wooden furniture, exposed stonework, great decor including a good-looking serving bar and lots of seating places just make this pub a cool place to unwind in.


6. Bratislava Hangover Tour

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


If you want to book a pub crawl, the Bratislava hangover tour is the best thing that you can find in this city. Within the program, you will visit the best bars and clubs. Fun and good party are guaranteed all night long. Bratislava Hangover Tour is a well-planned event. It is organized by friendly guides. The tour is recommended to everyone whose time in a new town is limited. The party guide will show you places that can be interesting for nightlife around the town and you will be left with incredible memories from your night out in Slovakia´s capital.


7. Subclub



Subclub is a bit off the beaten track. Still, this place is worth visiting. They have a very interesting venue, located right in a tunnel under the castle. The music is just great and the drinks are cheap. In Subclub you will spend a good night out. Who else can boast with having had a party in a bunker located under the castle? The place is located in the dark corner off the city, still, it is worth to be found. The large bunker-club contains a dance floor, a bar, and even a quiet area. The music they play is good for dancing. It is not typical trance music that is played in a vast majority of European clubs. Also, there is an area where you can have an ability to sit, relax and chat with people. The only concern is that, despite legal restrictions to smoke in bars, it is not that much of a deal in Subclub, so visiting Subclub can turn out to be a challenge for no-smokers.


8. Bukowski Bar



The bar has a cool, low lit interior. It is a good place to try local Wywar beer, that they serve in excellent conditions, sparkling and ice-cold.  Wywar is a light beer with bursting taste. The vibes in Bukowski bar are outstandingly good. If you want to have a slow-paced experience, Bukowski Bar is pretty much easy to locate. It is situated on Namestie SNP.


9. Radost music club



Radost music club is a really small place that has the capacity to host less than 100 people. This fact doesn´t make Radost worse than any other club in Bratislava. Otherwise, it endows it with a special cozy ambiance.  In Radost they play exclusively techno, house, and underground music. The place has a decent incredible sound system, so the visitors come to Radost mostly for dancing and music. Radost is recommended to every music enthusiast who aspires to get his underground experience in Bratislava.


10. Bohema Bar



In Bohema Bar you will feel comfortable with local ambiance and people! Definitely, it is a place where local people hang out quite frequently. The bar is worth to be discovered! A good surprise for each visitor is that it is not a simple bar, but also a space where they hold events. You can enjoy concerts, DJ sessions, discussions and finally, but not less importantly – the atmosphere!