January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Chengdu At Night

Chengdu city is home to an in excess of 14 million people, with around ten million of these occupying mainly the Chengdu urban zone. The populous city is a laid-back metropolis ranked as one of the most livable administrative mega-cities in China. It’s additionally a well-known destination for culture and relaxation within the western part of the People’s Republic of China.


The busy city which serves as the capital of Sichuan province is credited with a fantastic nightlife scene containing numerous modern-day western style structures within its vast locale. As the night falls, the city illuminates and puts on an alluring display especially in the south of the sub-provincial city, where a ton of the youthful (and slightly more affluent) individuals live. The good thing is that Chengdu is safe at night. So no matter how hard you party, the only thing to worry about is the hangover & aftereffects the following day, or perhaps a bottle of a phony beverage you may, unfortunately, run into. Nevertheless, if you seek something to cool you off after a long tiring day; whether a craft beer, cuisine rich in the cultures of China or a relaxing tea/coffee house – Chengdu prides in a very lively night within China. After all, it’s UNESCO’S first-ever City of Gastronomy which makes it unrivaled when it comes to drawing tourists.


With that said, let’s now look at the top 10 things to do in Chengdu at night.


1. Have a taste of the Chengdu Hot Pot

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


There are incalculable Hot Pot eateries in Chengdu and sampling Chengdu Hot Pot is almost an unquestionable must-do for everybody touring the city. And on the off chance that you leave the city without trying the Hot Pot, ‘you haven’t been to Chengdu’. This is because eating at a Hot Pot restaurant in Chengdu isn’t just a palatable experience but also a part of the neighborhood culture.


Having the meal over a pot of bubbling hot soup will undoubtedly make it even more adventurous, vivacious and magnificent.


2. Sightseeing

Pavel Špindler, via Wikimedia Commons


Chengdu city looks exceptionally alluring, enchanting, and super-charming when lit up by bright/colorful lights. There are many recommendable sightseeing spots around the city municipality and here we prescribe the top 3 you can visit for the ultimate night out:


Qintai Road (classical architectures)


Hejiang Pavilion (the sparkling water of the Jinjiang River)


Sichuan TV Tower (most astounding sightseeing point for the best perspectives of the city)


3. Go Clubbing

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Chengdu has multiple networks of many well-known bars and nightclubs. Amongst the most notable landing places here we have the Jiuyanqiao Bridge Bar Street, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu, and Shaoling Road. Other mainstream bars incorporate the likes of Beer Nest, the Underground Bar, and the Little Bar.


For Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu it has several upscale bars and clubs not to mention its tremendous number of huge dancehalls. Jiuyanqiao Bridge Bar Street is as well a world-renowned hub for nightclub goers. It is situated by the Jinjiang River, a few meters from Sichuan University and Xinnanmen Bus Station.


4. Watch Sichuan Opera Performances as you sip some tea

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Paying a courtesy call to a teahouse in Chengdu is mandatory. This is because the teahouse scene is regarded as the most suitable way for comprehension of the local culture and getting a glimpse into the natives’ style of living. Additionally, you will have a chance of watching the acclaimed Sichuan Opera as you sip some tea! Zhuyeqing and Maofeng are the most popular local teas. As for the teahouses, the most common ones are Shunxing Old Teahouse and Shufeng Yayun Teahouse.


5. Drink at Chengdu’s hottest joint Club 88

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


As of now, this is Chengdu’s most sultry club! With magnificent lighting and music, Club 88 is simply the place to be for a night out like no other. Expect hordes of people dancing in the walkways and an action-packed night going well past other club’s closing hours.


Arrive ahead of the pack to get a table or come during the late night hours and wind down the night in style.


6. Live Music at Empty Bottle

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


If you love live music, look no further than Empty Bottle in Chengdu. It is a very popular joint amongst the locals for the best live music shows and an assortment of other kinds of shows every night.


7. Relax at Chengdu Garden City Hotel

danferman, via Wikimedia Commons


This is a fabulous four-star hotel lounge that offers air-conditioned accommodation rooms, a nightclub, fitness center and sauna, and a swimming pool. With a private bathroom, an HD television screen not forgetting the toll-free telephone – Chengdu Garden City Hotel will have you the most relaxing night in town.


8. The Happy Valley Amusement Park

Jeremy Thompson, via Wikimedia Commons


The Chengdu Happy Valley is an energizing and elating amusement park with clamoring individuals and amazing neon lights every night. At the point when nightfall slips upon the city, the majority of the architectonical structures here become saturated with a joyous and alluring atmosphere. In addition, the recreation center also offers a substantial choice of invigorating and engaging games to participate in. Among the most popular recreational advances in this amusement park include Swing Wooden Horse, Ferris wheel, DISK’O, Rotating Flying Chair, Bumper Cars, Huge Pendulum, and Ghost Fright House.


9. Stroll and shop at Chunxi Road

Gong Chen, via Wikimedia Commons


Situated at the center of downtown Chengdu, Chunxi road is a renowned and famous center for shopping of the latest fashions. It is lined up with a plethora of luxury brand stores, boutique shops, and malls that are all a great sight view whenever illuminated by the unending array of lights within the city.


Moreover, the street is very safe for a night stroll. Plenty of restaurants operating deep into the night are also available to ensure all your hunger is well taken care of.


10. Explore Chengdu culture at the Wide and Narrow Alleys

AlexHe34, via Wikimedia Commons


As one of the most sweltering tourist destinations in Chengdu, the Wide and Narrow Alleys is a series of three alleys – the Kuan, Zhai and Jing Alley.  It is dabbed with ancient architectures, yards of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a diversified variety of tea houses (old and modern), old-fashioned shops, bars, noble eateries, and inns.


This cultural square is an ideal place to explore and encounter the laid-back existence of the local occupants. It is likewise a food paradise offering a range of heavenly Chengdu bites and specialties like Dandan Noodles, Fried Rice Ball, Iced Green Bean Juice and Tofu Pudding.