January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Chongqing At Night

Chongqing is a flourishing and history-rich city with a strong cultural atmosphere and breathtaking attractiveness. Situated in southwest China, the huge city is without a doubt one of the country’s largest cities with a massive and densely populated urban area that incorporates at least 28 million people. Neighboring the Yangtze River, the sprawling metropolis offers plenty of attractions for travelers including museums, Heritage sites, and mouthwatering scenic spots. Additionally, it is home to spicy food, friendly locals, and delicious native cuisines that have always mesmerized many & contributed greatly to making Chongqing a hot tourist destination around China.


But have you been touched by wonderful night scenes? Well, when dusk comes, Chongqing lightens up and a different experience from daytime comes to life in “Mountain City’’ with outstanding great night scenes & dramatic views blossoming throughout the city. As such, away from these admirable sightseeing activities, the thriving city also boasts top lounges, movie theatres, dance clubs and many other things to engage in and do within Chongqing’s vibrant nightlife.


To get a taste of Chongqing’s nighttime offerings, Tripedia provides you with the top 10 things to do in Chongqing at night. They comprise of the best night scenes in town that can guarantee a great night experience any day.


1. Get embroiled with the scenic views of the Jiefangbei Square as it lights up at night

Photo by Baetho on Foter.com


The bustling downtown territory of Chongqing, Jiefangbei, is full of activity with many lounges, shops, and small stores.  The central square of the busy downtown otherwise referred to as the “Times Square” of Chongqing is characterized by numerous tall buildings, departmental stores, and shopping centers that light up beautiful scenic views whenever the sun goes down. During the evenings you will find tons of locals and tourists alike strolling around this buzzing district as they enjoy the scene.


2. Explore the nightlife of the city with a 360-degree view of Chongqing from Nanshan Yi Ke Shu sightseeing platform

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Nothing beats the beautiful aerial night view of Chongqing. In fact, many believe that a visit to the city remains incomplete until one has admired the fantastic night view of the town. This is because the serene beauty of Chongqing night view is unmatched in comparison to most cities across the world. It is said to be more beautiful than its peers Shanghai and Hong Kong.


And there is no better place to enjoy a night time view of the city than the Nanshan Yi Ke Shu sightseeing platform.


3. Try out the famous Chongqing Hot Pot

Hawyih, via Wikimedia Commons


A nice dinner is one of the easiest ways to thank your body after a tiring day of bustles here and there. And one of the all-time classic foods in Chongqing viewed by many as the gourmet local food of the city is the Chongqing Hot Pot.


It’s just impossible to consider having a worthy night time in Chongqing without trying out this spicy Sichuan dish. It has an exceptional taste that is uniquely spicy and tingling in the mouth. On the off chance that you haven’t had it, please do because it is a must do in Chongqing.


4. Escape from the hassles and bashes of the big city in the city at E’ling Park

Chen Huang, via Wikimedia Commons


When you require a break from the big city, E’ling Park is a serene green spot in the city. This tranquil point is an incredible place to see the neighborhood life as individuals come here to unwind, hone judo and play games. Positioned on a hill, it is additionally a decent survey point for good viewing perspectives of the Chongqing city and the two rivers (Yangtze River and Jialing River).


5. Take a night Cruise along the Conflux of Yangtze River and Jialing River

Photo by Gwydion M. Williams on Foter.com


This an exemplary classic tour to appreciate Chongqing from the two sides of Jialing River and Yangtze River.  The cruise ships are ordered depending on one’s suits, need and spending plan. The standard daily schedule of the cruise begins from Chaotianmen Dock to Jialing River Bridge. Travelers will have the opportunity to experience Hongyadong, Chongqing Grand Theater, The Jiefangbei, and so on.


6. Feel a taste of the best of Italian food and pizza in Chongqing at OriganoRoma

Photo on Foter.com


An absolute fantastic & awesome place to eat some great pizza, pasta with salmon and pasta alla norma. The place is modern and inviting with welcoming staff. Food is scrumptious, tasty and extremely Italian. Regardless of whether you need some pasta (boscaiola) or pizza, everything here is heavenly & delicious!


OriganoRoma is truly an incredible place to have an Italian break in Chongqing!


7. Get a glimpse of the culture of the locals as you explore the ancient town Ciqikou

Jpbowen, via Wikimedia Commons


Ciqikou (Porcelain Village) is an old city in Chongqing. Amid the Ming and Qing administrations, it was a port and market town popular for making porcelain.  Nonetheless, today it is one of the primary attractions within Chongqing. It is packed with small shops across its streets selling handicrafts and delicious local snacks.  Off the main road, visitors who throng the city can get a glimpse of the natives’ daily lives. 


8. Relish in the natural beauty of Wulong Mountain Forest Park

kingwill, via Wikimedia Commons


Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage, the forested Wulong Mountain is a delightful zone with spectacular landscape features. The marvelous scene highlights wonders like the Three Natural Bridges and Furong Cave.


The recreation center is also used in the shooting of films.


9. Relax in a Pub

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


How can the rich nightlife of Chongqing miss pub crawling? Bars/pubs in Chongqing are essentially packed in Yuzhong area, particularly close to the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. Additionally, The three Gorges Square in Shapingba District, Graffito Street at Huangjueping, Keyuan fourth Road and South Garden at Longxi Town of Chongqing have all a couple of bars and clubs.


10. Dive into culture and history

Jpbowen, via Wikimedia Commons


The Three Gorges Museum is the greatest historical center in Chongqing. It is one of the city’s milestone structures and exhibits the history, natural habitat and social legacy of Chongqing. On the opposite side, there is the People’s Hall and an expansive square where locals and tourists hang out.