January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Dhaka At Night

Besides being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is well known for its rich culture and beautiful architecture. Any discerning tourist to Dhaka will be fascinated by the captivating display of Muslim architecture created by Mughal stalwarts like Shaista Khan and the modernized theme parks available in this city. Even so, a hot spot destination among tourists in southern Asia, Dhaka turns out to be something completely different at night. As the night falls, Dhaka still remains awake with many good times bound to be in plenty. And apart from the many mosques engulfing this city since the 17th century, Dhaka as well features an incredible nightlife with many impressive scenes. In fact, many say that Dhaka comes alive at night.


Whether it’s about heading to restaurants and tea stalls for the best of Bengali cuisine or visiting nearby markets to enjoy other mouth-watering gastronomy & explore local culture; there’s a beeline of activities to do in Dhaka after dark. On this night tour, we take you through the top 10 things to do in Dhaka at Night.


1. Experience nightlife in Dhaka at Jatra Biroti Lounge



This rooftop lounge highlights one of the best places to spend a night out in Dhaka. It features the finest of art promotions and music within the Dhaka municipality. It offers plenty of activities and dependably aims at improving the local individual talents in terms of art and entertainment (music performers).  Jatra Biroti Musical show combination is rich with both jazz music and conventional rock tunes. Additionally, as a music and art lounge, Jatra Bangladesh Limited regularly hosts live music and spoken word events.


There is also a small restaurant within the venue to keep hunger strikes away throughout the night. The interior of the lounge comprises of brightly painted walls and soft lights that will create a caravan atmosphere for your night out.


Thursday night is mainly set for folk music, Fridays for open-mic, and Saturdays for electro-acoustic.


2. Enjoy a sports bar experience at Blue Moon Recreation Club



The Blue Moon is synonymous with a surfeit of neon lighting. There is food available and live music on selected nights especially Wednesday and Sunday.


It is a popular nightclub within the Dhaka area for the ultimate European experience. Washed in fluorescent illumination, common bar foods, and the best of whiskey variations – The Blue Moon Recreation Club is the place to create obscure excitement and crazy sensations in Dhaka at night.


3. The Hotel Al-Razzaq At Old Dhaka

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Hotel Al-Razzaq is open all night. If you suffer a craving for some delicacy or food in the middle of the night after a busy day, either for individual needs or the whole family – there are a plethora of options to choose from at Al-Razzaq. You will additionally be able to enjoy drinks, kebabs, and this restaurant.


4. Sakura night Club and Bar

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


In Dhaka, most nightclubs and bars are unisex locations reserved only for gentlemen. This is due to the strict social values, taboos and spiritual opinions adhered to in Bangladesh as a country.


Nonetheless, Sakura is one of the most renowned bars in Dhaka to meet the need of both the commoners and visitors alike. It features most of the inexpensive regional alcohol and some imported brands as well. So if you want to make your Dhaka nightlife exclusive, Sakura will always come in handy.


Sakura is located on the second floor of a small handicrafts market opposite the Ruposhi Bangla Hotel.


5. Enjoy a movie at the best cinema complex in Dhaka, Star Cineplex



I must state that Star Cineplex is without a doubt the best film complex in Dhaka! This cinema complex has numerous motion picture theaters inside with every venue showcasing a different movie.


The best screen qualities, motion picture condition, and the most agreeable seats in terms of comfort are in Star Cineplex. Star VIP Hall is the best theatre followed by Star Premium Hall.


If you want to appreciate the best of Bangladeshi, Bollywood, or Hollywood motion pictures in 2D or 3D with remarkable sound quality then Star Cineplex is simply THE place in Dhaka. Its 3D films are unrivaled and the 3D glasses fit superbly offering incredible 3D perspectives.


The spacious seating course of action is flawless. Film schedules and ticket charges are available on their website and tickets are purchasable online.


6. Have a drink at Cafe 11

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Need a cup of coffee with the lovely breeze and beauty of Dhaka? Café 11 is a fabulous buffet for fresh coffee, decent food and sublime views of Dhaka from the garden terrace. It entails wonderful fresh fruit juices, vegetarian salads, and delightful service.


A really nice cafe for the location, the freshness, and the experience! Especially the magnificent environment it offers for a small & excellent meal as you chat with a friend.


7. Get entertained at Chhayanaut Auditorium Cultural Centre

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Are you ready for a night of learning and experiencing Bengali tradition and culture? Well, Chhayanaut Auditorium is the glorified place in Dhaka for first-rate performances of classical Bengali music and traditional folk music.


8. Shop ‘til you drop at Kawran Bazaar – the Biggest Wholesales Market in Dhaka

CaptJayRuffins, via Wikimedia Commons


This is the biggest and most prominent market in the whole of Dhaka. It operates round the clock with all sorts of commodities from every kind of vegetables, fish, rice and other pieces of merchandise fully available here.


9. Sample the land of milk and honey at Premium Sweets

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Fridges are not popular in Bangladesh, so most of its milk is usually fermented. That somewhat explains the continued prominence of milk desserts like rasgullas and dai. As such, delectable sweet boiled milk dumplings soaked in syrup, rasgullas are dished up all over Dhaka. Taste them at Premium Sweets (Municipal Rd) north of Sadarghat.


10. Eat like a local at Nirob Hotel Restaurant

Chotonn, via Wikimedia Commons


This is a widely known & esteemed restaurant among the local people and tourists of this district. It has an amazing collection of local dishes that come at a cost-effective price and great taste. 


Rest assured of getting the best taste of local nourishments at unbeatable prices at Nirob Hotel Restaurant whenever in town!