January 28, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Grand Junction At Night

Grand Junction, Colorado is a town that many people will quickly disregard as a very boring valley. However, you will actually be surprised to realize that there are several unique and fun activities you can actually do in Grand Junction.


Situated between the Colorado National Monument, the Bookcliffs, and the Grand Mesa, this fairly large city has plenty to offer. In fact, the thousands of tourists who throng the city every year have been fascinated and amazed by the beauty lying in the area. “There are so many fun and exciting activities here, I never expected this” you will hear many of them confess as they happily leave the city.


As such, apart from exploring the beauty of Grand Junction during the day, there are equally a couple of fantastic things you can do in the city after dark.


Here are the top 10 things to do in Grand Junction at night:


1. Epic Escape Game Grand Junction



An absolute fun place to be at, once the sun sets – it literally has something for everyone to enjoy, from kids to couples and basically the entire family the facility offers that perfect experience to be together in a new and exciting way.


It is simply one of the best places to go for entertainment in the entire of Colorado. If you are looking for some fun time or a fulfilling date night then this is the ultimate place for a brilliant and challenging adventure. You will have a blast!!


2. The Goat and Clover Tavern



You will be glad to visit and experience this restaurant in Grand Junction. Be assured of the best guest experience and outstanding services from the sweet and efficient servers in the facility. The food here is blatantly deeeeelicious! It’s both hearty and tasty. Trust me you will be happy!


In addition, feel free to try the Irish whiskey which you can whip with a side shot of pickle juice. You will also find the goat and clove dip, and the deviled Scottish eggs to be absolutely delish. The lovely atmosphere created from the quaint Irish pub decor and the nice, friendly staff will offer you a really great time!!!


3. Mesa Theater & Lounge



This is a great venue to enjoy live music and performing arts in Grand Junction. They bring talent from everywhere and in every genre. The amazing music bands, the lights, the rock, and metal shows – the place is just awesome.


Their style of entertainment, selection of acts, their bartenders and wait staff; it’s simply the perfect way of ending your day!!


4. 626 on Rood



Indeed, I will not deny that this restaurant is a little bit pricey. As such, rest assured that you will get optimum value for every penny. It’s the best place for a late night dinner treat.


It is also a great venue to hold a mini party. Whether it’s your family, a few friends or a partner then you can count on 626 on Rood to deliver your dream special evening. The food and drinks menu (especially for the wine lovers) is typically out of the world – expansive and excellent.


It’s simply an exceptional restaurant where you will find literally everything tasting fantastic. The most fabulous joint to visit with that special someone in Grand Junction! It’s a gem in Grand Junction and basically Colorado.


5. Four Winds Coffee & Tea



Would you love to have your favorite cup of cappuccino tonight? Four Winds Coffee & Tea is the go-to coffee shop in Grand Junction. The baristas here are amazing, very welcoming and friendly.


They also offer a variety of other drinks like smoothies, tea, and even BOBA. It’s just a lovely and cozy coffee shop in Grand Junction, with highly trained baristas and pocket-friendly prices that make the surrounding ambiance equally cozy and warm. 


6. Barons

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Where are the burger and sandwich lovers in the house?  Visit Barons tonight and thank me later. It’s the heart and Grand Junction’s hidden gem when it comes to super delicious burgers. Plus you can easily order a cold beer to complement your burger as you enjoy live music in the same grill. Definitely, a perfect combination for your night!!


7. Buffalo Wild Wings



Buffalo Wild Wings will usually close at 0000hrs. It is the ultimate place to watch your favorite sports, grab a beer and eat wings. As such, I wouldn’t really recommend it if you are not into any sports at all.


However, if you are a sports fan, this is the place to have fun, experience the ultimate social environment for sports and drown all your worries into hot garlic and other wonderful sauces available here. You will go to bed, feeling much lighter, relaxed and ready to face the hassles of the new day, especially if your team wins.


8. The Avalon Theatre



The Avalon Theatre is a major performing arts hall in Grand Junction. From movies to concerts and theatrical performances the Avalon never disappoints. 


9. Ale House Grand Junction



Ale House is a great place in Grand Junction; superb atmosphere, very attentive staff, and excellent food. It’s a perfect destination for a first date. The drink specials and the patio seating simply make Ale House a major stand out from the rest of the bars/grills in Grand Junction.


10. Warehouse 25 Sixty Five



The pizza and burgers served here are some of the most delicious I have ever tasted. You will also love their hot and crispy fries. The service is also top notch, and the atmosphere very inviting.


Visit Warehouse 25 Sixty Five today and enjoy a mouth-watering dinner as you dance to the relaxing live music. It is just an aesthetically pleasing joint!!