January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Nuremberg At Night

Nuremberg is full of adventure and lovely places to visit, filled with beautiful traditional architecture and wonderful shopping streets. But what can you do at night?


Nuremberg might not be the first place that comes to mind when ‘German nightlife’ is mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that Nuremberg doesn’t have a lot to offer for a great night out. Whether you want to club, have a quiet drink, catch a show or walk around, Nuremberg has it all.


Here are our top 10 things to do in Nuremberg at night. 


1. Go to a bar



One thing is certain, Nuremberg is not lacking in bars to spend your night in. The best thing is – they have a bar to suit everybody’s taste or plans. Our personal favorite is Schankwirtschaft Schanzenbrau. All the locals visit this bar, perhaps for its chilled-out atmosphere, an amazing selection of drinks or delicious food.


If you’re planning on a glamorous night out, Skybar could just be the place for you. This luxury bar has an amazing view of the beautiful city of Nuremberg too, that’s just icing on top of their delicious cake, though.


2. Cinema

Kolossos, via Wikimedia Commons


Nightlife doesn’t just mean drinking and food, sometimes it can be watching a movie in a cinema often dubbed, ‘the best cinema in the world’. Cinecitta is a modern, gorgeous cinema that even showcases English-speaking movies.


If you’re in the mood for a pretty chill night, you can’t get much better than a trip to this wonderful cinema. There’s a good chance that you won’t visit a cinema quite like it again. So, make sure you pay it a visit.


3. Nighttime walk

Pirkheimer, via Wikimedia Commons


Nuremberg offers a wide range of guided tours. The city has so much history – including being the center of the Holy Roman Empire, the home of the Nuremberg Nazi rallies and the Nuremberg trials.


Some of these tours may just be available at night. If not, guide yourself around the old town and up to the castle. The view from the very top, which will allow you to view the magnificent city in all it’s sparkling glory. No doubt, on the walk up the steep hill you’ll find yourself in shops, bars and at events along the way – Nuremberg is full of surprises.


Don’t forget to keep yourself safe on any night-time walk.


4. Take a trip to the theatre

Stern, via Wikimedia Commons


State Theatre (Staatstheater), is a beautiful theatre that shows plays, operas, ballets, and various other concerts. It’s also one of the largest theatres in Germany, designed by the renowned architect, Heinrich Seeling.


Research in advance just what might be happening at Staatstheater on the night you plan to visit, you might just be pleasantly surprised.


This is an alternative (and classier) option for a night out in Nuremberg.


5. Dance until your feet hurt



Obviously, everyone wants (and deserves to) let their hair down every once in a while. Well, you’re in the right city for this.


Club Stereo is our favorite place to spend the night dancing until the early hours of the morning. Hidden away in a dark cellar, and only really hitting the pinnacle way after midnight, this is a young, hip place to spend the night dancing away.


In case you weren’t already convinced – it’s also got free entry. We’re obsessed (and so are so many others in Nuremberg).


Try it out for a night, you might just love it.


6. Spend the night in a pub

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


It’s Germany – you have to visit a pub and Kloster could be your best choice. It serves delicious, traditional German beer, has a wonderful atmosphere and you’ll easily be able to kill your time in there.


However, it’s the decor that keeps people coming back. With its little idiosyncrasies, the Kloster pub is one of the most popular pubs in Nuremberg. You’ll surely meet a lot of interesting people.


7. Late-night cafe outing



We highly recommend a trip to Cafe Katz. Okay, it’s a cafe-bar, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend the night eating great food and sipping amazing coffee.


If you change your mind during the night, Cafe Katz also has a great selection of the classic pub and bar food and beverages. That being said, it’s the friendly, chilled atmosphere that will make you fall in love with Cafe Katz.


Don’t be fooled by its exterior either, you might think that it’s a second-hand shop judging by its purposely slovenly appearance. We (and many other locals) love spending our nights here.


8. Beer Hall



When in Germany, visit a beer hall, it’s a rule. For those that don’t know, a beer hall is different from a pub, bar or club. They’re in a league of their own. They’re exactly as the name would suggest – a giant hall where beer is served, usually turning to a night of singing and dancing, sometimes even on the tables.


Barfusser is very often called the beer hall of Nuremberg. It’s also really popular with tourists, you might just meet some very interesting people.


9. Classy night of cocktails



Gelbe Haus Cocktailbar is one of the local’s favorites, including ours. The cocktails are just delicious and they also offer a range of international spirits, one might make you feel at home.


You could start the night here, making your way to one of the clubs later on. Alternatively, you could spend the entirety of your night here and even attend a cocktail course.


10. A restaurant



We know, our nightlife suggestions have either been revolving around drinking or watching something. There’s nothing wrong with just spending the night eating great food with great company.


Nuremberg is full of places to eat, if you’re looking for a traditional German place, Albrecht Durer Stube is a great option. It has delicious food – including vegetarian options.


We hope this list helps you to decide just how you want to spend your nights in Nuremberg. Do you have any other suggestions?