January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In São Paulo At Night

Sao Paulo is one of the most populated and largest urban areas on the planet. With a populace of more than 18 million people and hundreds of skyscrapers, the metropolis serves as the economic hub not only for Brazil but also South America.  But did you know that in 2014, CNN ranked São Paulo nightlife as the fourth-best in the world? Well, now you know. 


From cinemas to theaters, museums, and cultural centers there are plenty more things to do in Sao Paulo both during the day and at night although the city’s nightlife is truly impeccable. The glamorous restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and nighttime events are infinite in this city.


There’s no chance to get bored in Sao Paulo when the night starts. Here are the top 10 things to do in São Paulo at night with something for every taste.


1. Enjoy a sumptuous Cuisine at Hotel Emiliano



Hotel Emiliano is the most a la mode, chic and luxurious boutique hotel in the entire of Sao Paulo and conceivably even Brazil. With its 38 rooms and 19 suites, all presented in cutting-edge highlights like in-room swimming pools, lawn chairs, and a heliport – Emiliano Restaurant is a truly real gem in Sao Paulo.


Their menu is crisp, beautiful and exceptionally scrumptious having been set up with fresh ingredients then designed and etched into refined nutritious mouth-watering dishes.


2. Relish in some jazz music as you view the stunning aerial perspectives of the city from Terraço Itália bar



Terraço Itália is an upscale lounge and jazz bar that’s rich with stylistic themes and offers a great aerial view of the city.


There’s no better spot to experience the sheer size of São Paulo than Terraço Itália. Sit back and enjoy the panoramic views of the bustling metropolis as you listen to some jazz tunes at the highest point of Edifício Itália where this bar is situated.


Moreover, the bar itself is captivating with an exquisite stylistic layout and candle-lit tables which coupled with its prime spot at the top Edifício Itália make it the ideal date-night out spot for those looking for an intimate atmosphere.   


3. Go for a Cultural Walk Tour at Ibirapuera Park

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


And as one of the biggest parks in the entire of Latin America, Ibirapuera Park is one of the handful nature havens accessible in the thronging city of São Paulo. Besides its picturesque lakes and beautiful landscapes, the iconic park additionally hosts several cultural shows, museums, art exhibitions fashion events and all-night parties.


4. Go walking along the Paulista Avenue

Caio do Valle, via Wikimedia Commons


One of São Paulo’s busiest, most scenic, and longest streets, Paulista Avenue is the place where everything occurs.


Paulista Avenue is the heart of the city! Everything and anything from movie theaters & 19th-century architecture to shopping malls & cultural centers you will find incredible sights here!


5. Experience breathtaking sights of the downtown São Paulo and Avenida Paulista from Mirante Sesc Paulista

Rodrigo.Argenton, via Wikimedia Commons


Mirante Sesc Paulista is a great place to view the city and relax with a loved one or family members.  It is pocket-friendly and all their meals are pleasantly delicious.


There are also a variety of art exhibitions, shows, and performances.


6. Explore the dark side of the city at club D. EDGE



If you are an electronic music fan, you will love this club D’EDGE. It is a dim spot for you to unleash your wild self with great DJs, adequate security, delightful ladies, august drinks and top-tier music.


There’s additionally an amazing sound system and an agreeable dance floor that’s ideal for everyone to express him/herself by dancing till the morning wee hours.


7. It’s Disco time at Caribbean Disco Club

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Don’t assume that disco is out of style! For your information, Caribbean Disco Club is a prominent joint in Sao Paulo. With a modernized ambiance, VIP rooms, an extraordinary dance floor, and an incredible sound system, Caribbean Disco Club blends a mix of both European and Mexican club to transform into an exceptional and energizing late-night entertainment spot.


You have to check it out to see & understand what I mean!


8. Check out your samba moves with the locals at Ó do Borogodó



Ó do Borogodó (yes you may try to pronounce it) is the heartbeat of Sao Paulo nightlife and certainly a great spot you wouldn’t want to miss out on in Paulista.


Neither too huge nor too small, Ó do Borogodó is indeed a pleasant and comfortable place to listen and dance to some live samba music in the core of Sao Paulo city. The artists are local natives and most of them are well respected in Brazil.  The price of the drinks is reasonable and without a doubt, you’ll have an incredible time at Ó do Borogodó!


9. Enjoy Best Stand-Up Comedy at Comedians Comedy Club



If you are looking for a great stand-up comedy night in Sao Paulo, Comedians Comedy Club is the home for the most outstanding & diversified stand-up comedy shows in Brazil. The comedians are awesome with rib-cracking jokes in a great set up characterized by a very welcoming atmosphere.


This is the best night for stand-up comedy fanatics & anyone who wants to have fun-filled nighttime. What’s more? There is a decent selection of good food and drinks to keep you on the move.


10. Enjoy top classical concerts at the Julio Prestes Cultural Center – Sala Sao Paulo

Photograph by Mike Peel, via Wikimedia Commons


When looking to run away from the bar & club scene in Sao Paulo, theatres and concert halls such as Sala São Paulo will pamper your night with regular classic concerts that ensure you’re well sorted.


Don’t miss! Particularly on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday!