January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Stuttgart At Night

Stuttgart is a city with a thriving cultural scene – and this ensures that there are many live performances by different bands and solo artists. By night there are many forms of entertainment to enjoy ranging from traditional German pubs (kneipen) and clubs to the theatre. The main focus for much of the nightlife is Theodor-Heuss-Straße which has a great variety of pubs and clubs.


Stuttgart hosts a great wine festival in August and its Oktoberfest is popular with a sea of beer tents. The Stuttgart Christmas Market is a perfect winter weekend destination to enjoy. If you are in the city and keen to know the diary of events, get a copy of LIFT magazine as it has all the details.


1. A microbrewery on-site at Sophie’s Brauhaus



This is a lively venue with a pub, restaurant, and microbrewery under one roof! There are plenty of good local beers to enjoy and plenty of local food in large portions that are keenly priced – what better!


2. Fun music and food at Muttemilch (also known am Mumi!)



This modern and very chic lounge has plenty of retro 1970s character and is a fun place. There is an exhibition area of work by local artists and there is really good music – mainly funk and soul- chosen by the various DJs. If you are feeling hungry, there is good food too – hearty portions of classic German dishes. Apart from serving good local beers, Mumi has a reputation for its great cocktails too.


3. Jazz it up at Bix Jazzclub



This club is in the top five music venues in the city. It is a stylish bar playing a wide genre of music that can be enjoyed over a good meal served with excellent German wine and beer.


4. Sky Beach – like no other



This is certainly something rather different! Imagine a multi-story car park with a beach on its roof!  There are sand, sunbeds and brightly colored sun umbrellas that are perfect for relaxing to the seriously good music. There are great views of Stuttgart to be enjoyed too!


5. Bewitched at Strotmanns magic lounge

W. Witt, via Wikimedia Commons


This is Germany’s ‘greatest close-up magic theatre’ and is an amazing place to visit! 200 people packed into the room with Thorsten Strotmann sitting right in front of them so they can watch his hands and his props! He is both friendly and amusing.  He continually performs the unexpected to the audience’s delight. In the interval, there are drinks and snacks available in the foyer.


6. A perfect summer’s evening at Deli



Situated by the Hans-Im-GlÜk fountain, this is a real institution! Deli is the perfect place on a summer’s evening, with a large terrace and an almost daily changing menu. If you decide to go, get there by 7.30 p.m. to ensure a seat as it fills up quickly.


7. Great music at Rote Kapelle (The Red Chapel)



With a wonderful setting opposite the Freursee (Fire Lake) and Gothic Johanneskirche, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some Spanish tapas and other dishes. Mid-evening, the DJ starts to turn up the tempo and the volume and the result is a LOUD but fun club!


8. Enjoy a cheese fondue & wine tasting evening

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Spend four hours in a delightful cozy restaurant enjoying some wine tasting of some of Germany’s top wines before tackling the fondue! This is great fun and very sociable and you will soon learn about the forfeits for dropping your bread from your fondue fork! Full details from the Tourist Information Centre.


9. Great fun at the Friedrichsbau Varieté

Julian Herzog, via Wikimedia Commons


This wonderful theatre dates from the 1920s but has been fully restored in its original art nouveau style. It has a great variety of entertainment programs.


10. Go classical at Staatstheater Stuttgart

Julian Herzog, via Wikimedia Commons


If you enjoy a good drama, or love ballet and opera, then this is the perfect place to spend your evening. The theatre has a really rich program throughout the year performed by its Staatsoper and Stuttgart Ballet.