January 29, 2022


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Top 5 Caves In Serbia

Caves give us an insight of the life and time way before our own. They are a gift from nature and they were used as a home and shelter for animals and Neolith people. Now, they are some of the most intriguing tourist attractions that leave every visitor amazed! Here are our picks for the top 5 caves you need to visit in Serbia.

1. Stopica Cave

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Stopica Cave is located on the northeast side of the mountain Zlatibor. The nearest town from the cave is Uzice, only 30 km away, and it is 250 km from Belgrade. It is 1 691.5 m long, with the surface of 7 911.5 square meters. The cave has five sections: Light hall, Dark hall, Great hall with baths and the River canal. Stopica cave has one of the biggest cave entrances in Serbia, 18 m high and 30-40 m wide. That is why the cave isn’t rich in cave jewelry but it is unique in its own way! What makes this beauty of nature unique are great wavy canals that are formed and filled with water called ‘bigren’ tubs and connected opening in the ceiling that are called ‘dugure’. One of the most interesting features that make the visit memorable is a 9 m tall water fall called Source of life.

2. Hadzi Prodan Cave

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Hadzi Prodan cave is one of the biggest archaeological treasures of Serbia, located near Ivanjica. It has two levels and 400 m of the cave has been explored. New and rare species of insects that live in the cave were found, as well as some ceramics from the Iron age. Pieces of weapons made out of quartz from the cave were also found with traces of neanderthal man that used the cave as their shelter. With the artifacts dating from 10th millennium B.C., this is one the oldest Paleolite sites in the Balkan.

3. Risovaca Cave

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Entering into Risovaca cave is almost like traveling through the history of humans and time itself. It is located in Arandjelovac in Central Serbia. The cave has become a museum of life in Ice age and Paleolite. It was a home to animals and neanderthal hunters. Fossils of bones and teeth of animals were discovered. A whole underground system 187,5 m long with the surface area of 703 square meters was found. The location of the fireplace of the neanderthal man was recognized with the remains of weapons and artifacts. Now, this area is a display of cave bear and cave lion with the family of hunters in the end of this hall.

4. Resava Cave

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Resava cave is one of the unique caves in Serbia. It is located in East Serbia, 20 km from Despotovac. It has two levels with a length of 800 m and some of the most interesting cave jewelry and sculptures made by nature that you will ever see! Halls are named by their interesting characteristics ( for example- Bee hive, Crystal, Coral etc) and there are eight of them. Stalagmites and stalactites form sculptures that resemble bee hives, a boy with the hat, grandpa and grandma, mother and child and much more. Looking at these art forms of nature and recognizing elements of people or animals make the visit even more fun.

5. Potpece Cave

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Potpeca cave is located 14 km from Uzice in West Serbia. The entrance is declared to be one of the monuments of nature. It is shaped like a horseshoe, 50 m high and 22 m wide, making it the largest cave entrance in Serbia. The cave has two levels- the top one, which is the older one, and a bottom one, which is newer. The cave originates from the water that was trying to find its way under ground. The caves jewelry is some of the rarest ones and the whole cave can be divided into 12 different sections. The cave is open for visitors from April to the end of October, due to the snowy winters that are characteristic for the area.