Top 5 waterfalls to visit in Serbia

Waterfalls always provoked people’s curiosity. They are considered to be outstanding natural phenomena, places of remarkable beauty. Most of the times, they are hidden away in intact nature, challenging hikers to come and discover them. Waterfalls in Serbia are not  some of the highest in the world but they are wonderful examples of mystic nature gems. There are over a 140 waterfalls in Serbia, with 80 of them located on Suva planina (mountain). Here is our pick of the 5 waterfalls you need to visit in Serbia.


1. Jelovarnik

With the hight of the water cascades of 71 m, Jelovarnik waterfall is the highest waterfall in Serbia. It is located in the base of Kopaonik in the Jelovarnik territory. Waterfall is hidden in the woods on the 1116 m altitude with three cascades. It is declared a nature reserve.  Finding this waterfall is a hiking adventure for many. A path made out of wooden stairs and bridges over canyon will lead you to one of the most glorious wonders of nature in Serbia. Hidden river with clear green-blue water will leave you speechless!


2. Gostilje

Gostilje waterfall is located 250 km from Belgrade, 30 km from Uzice and 20 km from center of Zlatibor. It is in the village Gostilje and it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Serbia. It is 20 m high and on 850 m of altitude. Even in the summer months, it is rich with water so it is a great tourist attraction all year around. Ground around waterfall is steep but it is easy to get to it by wooden bridges. What makes this waterfall special are it’s surroundings. Rocks are covered with moss, shaded under forest of pine trees with traditional houses scattered around in the area will make your visit even more interesting and memorable experience.


3. Lisine

Veliki Buk or Lisine waterfall is located in East Serbia on altitude of 380 m and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Serbia with height of 25 m. It was formatted on little river Vrelo by accumulation.  In the base of it there is a small shallow lake. With the spring of the river Vrelo, waterfall Lisine is a protected monument of nature. Do to the other beautiful attractions in nature in the area, waterfall Lisine is one of the most popular sights in Serbia. One of the interesting features that makes this place special is the platform from where you can observe all of the beauty of the waterfall.


4. Ripaljka

Ripaljka waterfall is on the river Gradasnica on the mountain Ozren, 5 km from a popular touristic spa Sokobanja. It was a first monument of nature in Yugoslavia, back in 1948., and in that moment it was considered to be a highest waterfall. It is on an altitude of 420 m and 17.5 m high. Waterfall got it’s name from the local term to jump because water falls from a great height. In the spring, waterfall is a well visited tourist attraction because of the amount of water that waterfall accumulates and the specific sound it makes in the process.


5. Bigar

Waterfall Bigar is on the Stara planina, 5 km from the village Kalna on the way to town Pirot. Water falls from the hight of 35 m down the rocks called bigar, which were the inspiration for the name of the waterfall. It consist out of cascades of accumulated rocks and it has different levels.Waterfall is located on the altitude of 450 m on the place where the stream Bukovski meets the river Staljinska. It is in the part of the Stara planina that is not easily accessible so the waterfall is an example of intacted nature.


450px-Kop_vod_sd 9gostiljie Vodopad_Lisine Spomenik_prirode_u_Sokobanji_Vodopad_Ripaljka_01 Bigar_vodopad