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Ethno Village Rajski Konaci

A place that resembles Tuscany! Marvellous!

Ethno Village Drvengrad

A village which was created for a movie and became one of the most visited ethno...

Ethno Village Tičije Polje

A truly breathtaking sight!

Ethno Village Koštunići

You won’t ever feel bored here!

Ethno Village Zmaj od Noćaja

You will have an amazing vacation here!

Ethno Village Topalović

Here you can literally stop to smell the roses!

Ethno Village Bogut

A place where you can turn away from all your everyday worries!

Đavolja Varoš (The Devil’s Town)

A place for people who love mysteries!

The Clock Tower (Petrovaradin Fortress)

A clock tower with a really interesting story!

City Hall

A building with an impressive exterior AND interior!

St. Mark’s Church, Belgrade

An impressive church in the heart of the city!

The Prophecy from Kremna Memorial

A truly interesting place with a mysterious vibe!

Lazarica Church

A truly beautiful church, make sure to check it out!

Felix Romuliana

A place where you can see some beautiful ancient Roman ruins!