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Emmentaler Ridge Walk

one of the most popular hikes starting in Luederenalp

The Eiger Trail

A perfect hike amidst chilly mountain breeze

Glymur Waterfall

A popular hiking destination


One of the best glaciers to hike during winters in Iceland

Fimmvörðuháls Trail

One of the most famous 15.5-mile trails

The Laugavegur Trail

One of the most famous trails in Iceland

Jarun Lake

  • Cost: Free

Take a deep breath and dive into the famous lake of the city of Zagreb!


  • Cost: Free

The biggest amusement park in Poland, great for family time

Papugarnia Amazonia

  • Cost: Free

A place where you can play with free flying parrots

Smocza Jama

  • Cost: Free

See a fire-breathing dragon and learn Polish legends

The White Lake Beach

  • Cost: Low

A wonderful beach in Chania

Pedestals, Samothraki

  • Cost: Low

Natural pools in the heart of the island.

Leros Island Windmills

  • Cost: Average

A great point of view.


  • Cost: Average

a spectacular mountain in Preveza

Mesolongi’s Lagoon

  • Cost: Average

A historical city, a wonderful city