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Are you all set to go for a vacation? Look here for best vacation spots in the world and you sure to go gaga over the exclusive list of handpicked attractions that are worth visiting. Each one of them has their own specialty and has the calibre to give you a hell lot of enjoyment. From natural parks, waterfalls, museums, forts to natural scenic places, we have it all listed for you to take a glance and pick the place that suits your mood.


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Meenmutty Falls

A quiet retreat nestled in the woods of Wayanad

Burney Falls

It's daunting, it's challenging, and it's worth living


An ideal spot for a quick and thrilling dip

Vila Lux Milikić

An amazing place with a really friendly staff!

Kaštel Hotel

A quiet and peaceful place for true relaxation!

Fantast Castle

What could be more amazing than spending a night in a castle!

Business Club Selenča

A place close to all the landmarks!

Good Night Accommodation

Amazing and modern, what else would you need?

Apartment Ognjište

A really high-end place for an acceptable price!

Apartments Pia

The whole place simply breathes modernity and comfort!

Hotel Park, Novi Sad

A great place with an amazing spa!

Hotel Garni Petrov

A B&B in the heart of the capital of the country!

Majkin Salaš

A really nice place where you’ll feel at home!

Café Arcas

Perfect for an afternoon coffee break

Café Frühling

Retro café that offers a great choice of coffee