January 22, 2022


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Top Bed And Breakfast Options In East Hamptons

East Hampton is situated on the southern end of Long Island. The town, surrounding villages and hamlets are full of history and culture. East Hampton is famous for lovely people, delectable meals, endless walks on the beach, and joyous life, in general.


The hospitality and treatment you get in East Hampton is impossible to find elsewhere. The atmosphere in the area has a way of swiftly refreshing one’s mood.


People from all over America, especially the state of New York, come to East Hamptons in search of the elixir that fills everyone in the area. Certainly, it is the beaches itself. When you first experience the enchanting sight of white sand and the never-ending beautiful sky, you feel charged up for sure. However, there is more to East Hampton than beaches and clear skies. I also traveled all the way from New York to East Hampton to find that elixir.


Something in the air enchants and thrills visitors who visit East Hampton. Based on my experiences and probing, this whole blog is dedicated to letting others know where they can find the best bed and breakfast in Hamptons.


Do not rush to book a suite in The Hamptons; check out some of these beguiling and luxurious inns to get a broader picture of the services that you would receive when you visit them. Here is a list of the favorite hotels of all time in East Hampton NY.


1. East Hampton Art House Bed & Breakfast



The Artwork is enchanting and the core beauty of this hotel. As the name itself suggests ‘East Hampton Art house’ has some great, artistic paintings spread out in every nook and cranny; and of course the finest bed and breakfast in the area.


This hotel provides access to private beach areas like no other. While staying here, you can focus on your health, as this hotel has an indoor fitness center and exercise pool as well.


Enjoy the complimentary breakfast made by their own star chefs, who offer a different meal every day, from mouth-watering omelets and waffles to amazing beverages. Yet another great way in which they treat their guests and keep them delighted.


2. The 1770 House



The warm and inviting ambiance, delicious food and service are worth every dollar you spend. The 1770 House is a perfectionist in all.


As the sun sets, lanterns provide beautiful illumination, while the sounds of the fountain create a very romantic ambiance.


The taste of the meals at their restaurant is significant and holds a special place in every diner’s mind. The dining experience is like no other, and most diners find the service irresistible.


3. The Maidstone Arms Inn



This hotel holds a great reputation and truly stands for it. A jewel of the old school – the service is very attentive, the food is very generous and the atmosphere is beyond comparison.


No one complains about the 24-hour service. They know that they are just one call away from receiving everything they need to satisfy themselves.


4. The Baker House 1650



Relaxation and a momentous trip is the best combo that The Baker House spa provides. This hotel is a mixture of premium facilities and well-equipped room service.


The cleanliness of this hotel adds to its royalty. If you are looking for a trendy and chic spot in East Hampton, the Baker House 1650 is all fired up to make your trip memorable. This is one of the Best East Hampton NY hotels, providing free yoga sessions for every guest that checks in to the Baker House 1650 on weekends.


5. The Hedges Inn



A captivating garden, terrace, and free Wi-Fi; pretty much everything you want for a relaxing trip. More like home, right. This hotel is a great option for beach lovers because a ten-minute walk is enough to make it to the Main Beach from this hotel.


The hotel’s perfect location helps it secure a place on the list of highest rated hotels in the area. Their staff is kind and considerate. The breakfast menu is fantastic – another area where it is hard to pick a favorite. Each dish is expertly prepared and delicious.


6. Mill House Inn



The decor is the most fascinating aspect of this hotel. This Inn is an opulent place, where the staff is ever ready to attend to all your needs.


The inn has a great restaurant where they serve a number of delicacies. They also provide the option to customize one’s bed. Looking at customers sharing their reviews where they describe that they experience the luxury of the most comfortable sleeping facilities, lead us to believe that a fairytale dream will come only in a bed at this inn.


Wrapping Up


Bed and breakfast in the Hamptons mean one thing and that is luxury. Not for a moment, would you miss that luxurious touch when you stay at any of these hotels? From comfortable beds to scrumptious food, everything is top-notch and substantial.


Whether you want a nice and cozy stay, or wish to schedule a hectic meeting or journey with your family and friends or with a loved one; The Hamptons suits all kinds of occasions.


The prices you have to pay will be more or less the same at each of these hotels. However, the sophisticated services they provide becomes the basis of comparison, and every hotel on this list leave no stone unturned to prove that they are superior to all others.