January 16, 2022


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Top Things To Do In Pittsburgh At Night

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second largest city is home to many scenic parks, vibrant wedding venues, and fantastic unique performing art theatres.


From the Carnegie Museum of Art to the famous Carnegie Science center not to mention the romantic strolls over Schenley Park, Pittsburgh has over the years continued to present itself as a perfect weekend destination for both the day outdoorsy enthusiasts and the night revelers.


Parked with a vicinity of some of the best restaurants, shops, and bars in America, without forgetting its beautiful skyline from Mount Washington; here is a list of the top things to do in Pittsburgh at night.


1. Bring a halt to your day at the iconic Station Square

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Station Square”]

Located in downtown Pittsburg, Station Square is one of the best destinations you can always count on to end a hectic day in a fashionable & relaxing style. With lots of stores, bars, and restaurants, the place presents you with one of the most breathtaking experiences you can ever imagine. You will have a lot to do and see for your evening and night.


In simple terms, Station Square is ‘THAT’ place to take your shopping and dining experience to a whole new level in Pittsburgh. It closes at 9 p.m.


2. Experience Art and Science after dark at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Carnegie Museum of Natural History”]


Even though you may not be a Museum enthusiast, you will most likely be fascinated and mesmerized by the thought of experiencing this one at night.  It’s an experience like no other. 


And that’s what Carnegie Museum of Natural History has been offering to all the night owls in Pittsburgh over the years; some really awesome adult events that will definitely brighten your night.


3. Howl at the Moon Bar

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Howl at the Moon”]


You will never go wrong with Howl at the moon! Fantastic staff and awesome drinks are what this bar is made of.


For a fun and entertaining Friday or Saturday night, Howl at the Moon is the place to be. The dueling pianos and live music hits played here are full of energy with the sole purpose of creating a super fun night out for everyone. Dancing and having a good time is the order of the night at Howl at the Moon.


If you are visiting Pittsburgh for some fun, this is the place to make the experience even more enjoyable.


4. Check out the breweries at Voodoo Pub

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Voodoo Pub”]

One pleasant surprise that will excite you in Pittsburgh is the high number of breweries popping up all over the city. However, amongst all these, Voodoo pub is the epitome of fresh beer around Pittsburg. With a brewery therein, the pub is extremely versatile when it comes to offering the best flavors – there is always something for everyone varying with taste and preference.


On Friday nights, the pub hosts trivia games which are a usual blast for many revelers in Pittsburgh city.


5. Bring out the kid in you at Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall Of Fame and Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Pinball PA”]

If you are a fan of arcades, this is a real fun place to melt down the day’s stress or kick-start your weekend on a Friday night. It plays host to pinball machines and other various old school games that will bring alive the childhood memories and create a memorable, stress killing night.


6. Escape the City, in the City at Enter the Imaginarium Pittsburgh

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Enter the Imaginarium Pittsburgh”]


You may have been to many escape rooms in the past but this one is something else. An absolute best! From the ambiance to the complexity of the game the entire atmosphere here is simply awesome. Its immersive escape challenge starts right from the entry point. No detail is overlooked. Every bit of the drama, twists, and turns is well choreographed and organized from start to finish.


Enter the Imaginarium Pittsburgh escape challenge is phenomenal and Unforgettable. When you ‘’enter’’ it feels as if you have just entered a real movie set.


The entire experience from start to finish is top notch, entertaining and movie set worthy.


7. Enjoy some wine at La Casa Narcisi Winery

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”La Casa Narcisi Winery”]


This is a great winery in Pittsburgh. The food is fantastic and comes with an extensive list of different wines to taste and choose from. Needless to say, each option is unique in its way and equally flavorful. You will also love their bread which comes with some delicious dipping oil.


Narcisi Winery just offers the best food wine atmosphere in the whole of Pittsburgh. Its wine tasting adventures coupled with the alfresco dining and live music distinguishes it from its peers.


The place to be for wine lovers!


8. Get some sport at PNC Park

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”PNC Park”]

The beautiful PNC Park is the nighttime park for all the enthusiastic sports fans in Pittsburgh. There is nothing more fascinating to beat your night than an engaging Pittsburgh Pirates game at this serene environment in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


With some of the most electrifying and nonstop baseball action in the United States coupled with many other exciting events, PNC Park is the place to be for a non-forgettable night in Pittsburgh.


9. Clear your plate at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gaucho Parrilla Argentina”]

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina restaurant is so unbelievably good! The most perfect and classic spot to feed your inner carnivore in Pittsburgh! Their vegetarian options, fabulous sauces like the standout smoked pepper and the super tasty chimichurri – Just Amazing! To put it quite simply, the meals here are superbly prepared, delicious, phenomenal and typically fresh.


Its atmosphere is also equally welcoming and combines perfectly with the modernized sitting area to create a lively and warm ambiance that is only surpassed by how good their food is. All in all, if you are looking for a lively place with flavorful meals, a great choice of meats, best beef, sauce, sandwiches and other specialties, Gaucho is definitely the place for you!


10. Make it a classic movie night at the Row House Cinema

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Row House Cinema”]

Established in 2013, Row House Cinema is the home to all your favorite classic and cult films spanning all eras, styles, and genres. Located in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, this adorable theatre brings aboard incredible and well-curated programming to deliver the highest customer experience for its visitors. It is an absolutely wonderful place to spend a night for any movie lover.


A fun local gem in Pittsburgh for the greatest movies!