January 24, 2022


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Top 5 Waterfalls in Slovenia

The beautiful country of Slovenia is a natural jewel with its virgin forests, alpines mountains, and enchanting watercourses. There are around 300 waterfalls in Slovenia, here’s the most impressive and worth seeing ones:

1. Savica Waterfall

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Savica Waterfall”]
Located near the glacial Lake Bohinj, the Savica Waterfall is one of the most visited and beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. The source of the waterfall is from the Valley of Triglav Lakes. The Savica Waterfall is a magnificent clear chute of approximately 80 meters high into a gray rocky pond. The hike to the waterfall is approximately 20 minutes.

2. Boka Waterfall

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With its 144 meters height, the Boka Waterfall has the strongest flow rate in Slovenia. An interesting feature of the Boka Waterfall is the important variation of its flow rate between the seasons. The waterfall is the most impressive during late spring when the snow melts from the Kanin Mountains, the source of Boka Waterfall.

3. Rinka Waterfall

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The Rinka Waterfall is the second highest waterfall of Slovenia with its 90 meters single drop. A short walk of 10 minutes in Logarska Dolina will lead you to one of the most impressive attraction in the area. The source of the waterfall is the river Savinja and as soon as Rinka Waterfall hits the bottom, it goes underground to reappear in the lower part of the valley as river Črna. One if the best view of the waterfall is from the “Eagle’s Nest”.

4. Kozjak Waterfall

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Kozjak Slap”]
The Kozjak Waterfall is a procession of six waterfalls but only the two last parts can be easily visited. The Veliki Kozjak of the Kozjak Waterfall is the prettiest of them, like a little-hidden jewel of nature in the area of Kobarid. The waterfall is a 15 meters column of white water that drops into a blue-green water pond, all surrounded by a half-cave dome. The scenery is simply enchanting.

5. Peričnik Waterfall

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Peričnik Waterfall”]
The Peričnik Waterfall flows within the glacial alpine valley of Vrata. During winter, the frozen waterfall is an impressive sight and during summer, you can walk behind the waterfall for a different viewpoint, but be careful, as you might get wet!
During your trip to Slovenia, be sure to visit at least one of those fantastic waterfalls, safe travel!