January 24, 2022


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Weekend in Berlin – Top Activities to do

More than 10 million travelers visit Berlin annually. The city is best known for various museums and palaces, vibrant street artworks and green areas.
Indeed, the city requires you to invest some time, so that you are completely aware of its history and culture.
There is no scarcity of hot spots and so many things await here for all kinds of travel personalities.
The best suggestion for your weekend trip would be to undertake any one activity from the below main 3 modes of transport- bus, boat or bicycles. These will surely show you almost all of Berlin’s major tourist spots and there won’t be any regret of missing something.

1. Don’t miss out bike rides to explore Berlin

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Berlin bike ride”]
Bicycle tours in Berlin are getting very popular. You need to keep aside 1-3 hours for a guided tour.
This is definitely recommended for those travelers who think walking is not their cup of tea. You don’t need to visit all museums and discover Berlin only from inside.
With Bike rides, you will have a thrilling experience and memories, that are not just on photos only. Before you opt for such tours, you need to research first, in which part of Berlin you want to do a tour.
From a tourist point of view, bike tours that happen around Friedrichshain street and Berlin city centre (in Mitte) are most popular. Main reason is that- via this, you get to visit the most famous attractions like:

  • Brandenburg Tor,
  • Reichstag (Parliament),
  • Victory Column,
  • Checkpoint Charlie,
  • Book burning memorial at Bebelplatz,
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • TV-Tower and much more.

If you crave for more tours besides central Berlin, you can have them on different routes. These are also popular among localities and tourists as well.

  • Explore Charlottenburg Palace and nearby landmarks,
  • Follow the path along Berlin Wall Memorial in Wall park and discover more hidden places,
  • Discover Berlin’s main urban forest and countryside areas along rivers Spree & Havel. We would recommend areas around Gatow routes, Wannsee, Spandau and so on.

On day two, you can enrich your trip further with an add-on activity like Boat ride or just stroll around other attractions (scroll down below to see the list) and enjoy famous Berlin delicacies.

2. Stadtrundfahrt or hop-on-hop-off Berlin City Tour

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Stadtrundfahrt or hop-on-hop-off Berlin City Tour”]
A simple yet fast way to experience culture-rich Berlin is through exclusive tourist Bus Rides. There are multiple categories of bus tour tickets. You can opt for multiple routes or go for full day tickets. Prices are very economical. You need to research on which routes to discover, e.g.:

  • Between Alexanderplatz and Kurfürstendamm,
  • Through Berlin-Wall Memorial and its neighborhood,
  • Visiting Old and Westend Berlin

These tourist buses have mostly open double decks with colorful artworks. It’s up to you, which way you would like the tour to be,  should it be with live commentary or pre -recorded commentaries in 9-10 languages via headphones. Some Bus city-rides also include walking tours.
You need to give minimum 2-3 hours time for these rides.

3. Boat rides on Spree / Havel

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Boat rides on Spree / Havel”]
Enjoy the beauty of Berlin’s architectures, lightings, museums and palaces, heritages from cruises. During cruising, you can also enjoy Berlin’s famous cuisines and other catering facilities.
The prices would certainly depend upon- shipping companies, journey length and the services that you will order.
Couples can enjoy a romantic evening or night ride. The sunset and night views of the city would look spectacular.
Notable cruises for the tourists are mostly on Spree River and Landwehrkanal, in City-centre and through Museum Island.
Other cruising routes for you to choose are:

  • Boat rides along famous Forests (Grunewald), Lakes and Müggelsee.
  • Excursion Ride on Wannsee and Potsdam, that shows major heritage sites.
  • Historic Berlin cruise

You can also choose a combo package with both Bus as well as Boat rides.
Let’s take a look at what other unique sites  Berlin offers that makes your weekend getaway fantastic:

4. Tropical islands resort, Brandenburg

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Tropical islands resort, Brandenburg”]
If your priority is having fun with your children, then this place is a paradise. Your kids will not want to leave next day.
This is a tropical theme park located 50 km away from Berlin. It’s quite expensive but the experience will be worth it with all the top level services. It’s a kind of “mini Bali” near Berlin.

5. Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Sanssouci Palace and Park”]
It’s worth visiting especially during summers and early autumn for a historic and artistic excursion. You can easily reach Potsdam with local trains and enjoy a nice afternoon here. If you love walking, then this is the perfect place with stunning landscapes, palace, and gardens.

6. Berlin Zoo

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Berlin Zoological Garden”]
This zoo at Zoologischer Garden is one of the best-known zoos in Germany that you can visit. Both for young and old people, it’s entertaining. The best thing is that some of the areas inside it are less fenced, although safe so that you can watch animals pretty closely.
The entrance ticket costs fairly. Students can also avail discounts.
The zoo has a wide range of animals and an aquarium including reptiles and amphibians. The zoo has recently brought Pandas in its collection, they are worth checking out.

7. Berlin Dungeon

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Berlin Dungeon”]
The Berlin Dungeon brings alive Berlin’s ancient history i.e. from medieval era till the 19th century. You can expect a lot of surprises here. The Dungeon’s professional actors will make the shows and exhibitions so real that you would end up laughing and screaming.
The show has got 9  various live shows. You can either buy tickets for English or German translations. The duration is for an hour or so. It’s a super place for you to feel and get lost in the captivating ancient era of Berlin.

We hope with these suggestions you make your short and sweet “48-hours trip” enjoyable .