January 21, 2022


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What Makes Sweden The Ideal Winter Destination?

Winters are an exciting time to travel. There is so much to do and explore that often the list can get a bit too long. So, if you too are wondering as to which country would be an ideal stop to celebrate your winter holidays, we definitely recommend visiting Sweden.
Sweden is one of the most beautiful European getaways which promise loads of fun and tons of activities as well. If you want to know the legit reason that will make you pack your bags to Sweden as soon as the winter kick-starts, here is a list you need to see.

1. The best of skiing

Photo by djtomdog on Foter.com
Photo by djtomdog on Foter.com

If you love to ski, it is Sweden which will offer you a wonderful chance to enjoy yourself to the hilt. There are as many as 200 ski resorts in the whole of Sweden and they are located in different parts of the country. So, if you would like to hit the slopes, you can do it in the Swedish Lapland.
Make sure to check out ‘Are’ as it is simply an hour by plane from the city of Stockholm. There are a lot of different varieties of ski slopes here suited for natives and even experts.

2. The ice hotels

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Icehotel”]
Who wouldn’t like to spend the winter curled up in a cushion blanket in an ice hotel? So, head to Jukkasjarvi which is located close to Kiruna and there you can get yourself a room at the first ice hotel in the world. This ice hotel was opened back in 1990 and every year, it is redesigned.
You also have the option of staying at the natural igloo which has been carved using the frozen water of the Tannforsen which is the strongest waterfall of Sweden.

3. Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of the northern lights

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Abisko National Park, Lapland”]
While there is no one who can absolutely guarantee that you will see the northern lights, you can at least hope that you will be able to catch a glimpse of it,
The aurora borealis or the moorhen lights is one of the most majestic natural phenomena wherein the sky becomes a wonderful canvas showing a brilliant array of some of the most vibrant colors like red, purple and green. There are a lot of factors that govern if you can see the northern lights or not with the weather condition being the key one.
However, you can find endless people queuing up to visit Sweden during the winters hoping that they would get lucky and witness the northern light. Ideally, head to Abisko national park located to the north of Kiruna as it has a blue hole which gives the best likelihood of seeing the northern lights.

4. Dog sledding

Photo by gudi&cris on Foter.com
Photo by gudi&cris on Foter.com

Of all the different winter activities you could indulge in, you should definitely check out the option of dog sledding. It is carried out in regions of Padjelanta and even the Sarek national park as well.
You will find a lot of dog sledding tours as well that are often open and there are plenty of engagement programs with Siberian huskies too. This is surely one of the reasons good enough to help you have a vacation to remember.

5. Fishing on frozen lakes

Photo by pjmorse on Foter.com
Photo by pjmorse on Foter.com

Well, fishing isn’t any out of the world activity that will make you jump and pack your travel bags. But, when it is winter, Sweden allows you the option of fishing from frozen lakes. When in Sweden, you can drill a hole through the frozen lake and be hopeful that you will be able to catch a fish.
So, if ice fishing is something that sounds exciting enough to you, Sweden in winters looks like a good possibility.

6. Tracking reindeer and mosses

Photo by herbertshin on Foter.com
Photo by herbertshin on Foter.com

Of course, winter is all about Christmas and reindeers. So, if you are not the wild type to be excited about the big five safaris in Africa, we have something a whole lot better for you in Sweden. During the winters, you can enjoy Sweden’s big six safaris where you will meet moose, brown bears, musk oxen, wolverines, lynxes and more.
There are plenty of tour companies that carry out animal safari too and you may even get the chance to travel along the frozen rivers. So, if arctic wildlife seems exciting enough, Sweden is definitely calling you in the winters.

7. Snowshoeing

Photo by karen_neoh on Foter.com
Photo by karen_neoh on Foter.com

Sweden is home to endless winter activities. It has so much to offer. So, snowshoeing is another exciting activity which should make you happy with joy. There are a lot of mountain cabins in between the trekking area and lodging will most definitely not be a problem here.
Of course, you need to buy special shoes so that you can tread through the heavy layer of snow and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this frozen country. This activity is for all those adventure lovers that are not afraid to test their mind and body because the temperature can be too chilled for your comfort.
These are some of the different reasons which have convinced people from all parts of the world to come to Sweden and enjoy their stay during the winters. Of course, the blend of Swedish food and wine is another reason to keep you happy and cheerful. However, we would like to chip in with a little caution and advice. Do not come unprepared. Make sure to pack ample woolen clothes, scarves, jackets and of course, the best shoes because you don’t want the cold to beat you dead.
Once in Sweden, be all set to have a memorable trip as the locals would be more than happy to help you plan the perfect trip and as far as winter activities are concerned, you are never going to run out of possible options.
So, are you going to plan your trip right now? We suggest you totally do it.