January 29, 2022


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What You Cannot Afford To Miss When You Are At Stockholm?

The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm has a lot to offer.  It is one of the most populated cities of the country and yet one can find some of the most breathtaking views and even in the hullabaloo of the city, you can surely steal moments of tranquillity and serenity in this European paradise.
If you have a trip scheduled to Stockholm, here are some of the things and places you just cannot afford to miss.

1. The Scenic Boat Trip

Photo by florianplag on Foter.com
Photo by florianplag on Foter.com

Stockholm covers as many as 14 different islands and so you can imagine how beautiful this little town really is. So, a boat trip is definitely the best way to explore this scenic abode. Stromma is the tour operator that bestows you with varied boat riding options. If you are skeptical about seasickness, you can choose short canal tours. If you are up for some long sea adventures, you can go for an in-depth exploration of the 30,000 island archipelago of this wonderful city.

2. The Old Town

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gamla Stan”]
Of course, the waves of modernization have touched the shores of this island city too. However, if you are still old school and would like to witness the old quaint town, you can do so. Head to the tiny island of Gamla Stan which is also known as the ‘old town of Stockholm’ and you are sure to be mesmerized by the ancient architecture there. This little island seems to have been packed in the old times.
Do not miss out on the Swedish royal family palace and the Stockholm Cathedral as these are two of the top tourist attractions of the whole of Sweden.

3. The Charm Of Going Downtown

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Norrmalm”]
Of course, when we are out traveling, shopping is definitely on the agenda. So, if you are a party animal and would like to go on a shopping spree, what better way than to head downtown! Norrmalm is the area which has magically transformed into a major shopping hub and during the night, you can find it bustling with too many party animals.
Do not miss out on H&M, the official store of Sweden as you can bag some steal deals here. The best of designer boutiques too can be found here as the city is nestled with shops and too many bars and restaurants.

4. Underground Art

Photo by freddie boy on Foter.com
Photo by freddie boy on Foter.com

Of course, we all crave to see the best things which set cities apart. When you are headed to Stockholm, be prepared to see a lot of majestic art display. The metro system houses of Stockholm have been hailed by many as the longest art gallery in the world. So be prepared to take a metro ride and you will find the best of artwork displayed on more than 90 percent of the stations. If you would like the best of displays, we recommend traveling all the way to Kungstrӓdgåden station

5. The ABBA Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The ABBA Museum”]
For all the music lovers in the house, there is no way you can miss out on the ABBA museum. This is based on the pop-house and you can find a blend of old folk singers to the jazziest of international pop icons as well. You can find a plethora of activities together as there can be on stage performers and even studio recording and band performances as well. No doubt, when you head out of the museum, the tune of the dancing queen will be firmly stuck in your mind. After all, you got to stick the Swedish charm.

6. The King’s Garden

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Kungsträdgården”]
If you are a shutterbug and would like to click some of the best travel pictures which will make your Instagram account buzz like never before, this is the place to be. Perhaps the most beautiful of all gardens in Sweden, this is the king’s back garden. The Kungsträdgården is filled with lush greenery and the cherry blossom line boulevard is a sight to die for. It makes for the best pictures you can dream of.
Not only this, the ice rink in winter and a flurry of amazing cafes that serve lip-smacking food is another good reason as to why you absolutely need to be at this park. If you want to catch up on some real action, we recommend coming back to the King’s garden at night as the most famous club of Sweden, Cafe Opera performs right underneath the Royal Swedish Opera House.

7. Winter Sports

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Hammarbybacken”]
If you are a ski lover, you do not need to go very far to fulfill your dreams. Merely 20 minutes from the city center, you can find Hammarbybacken which is the real snow sport heaven for tourists. You can find all the snow equipment on rental and the kind of activities which you will find there is endless too. So, be all set to enjoy the best of winter games and you can have a ball in the snow-laden slopes.

8. The Queen Street

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Queen Street”]
By far one of the best ways to explore Stockholm is by taking a walk down, ‘The Queen Street’. This street stretches all the way from the city center to the district of Vasastaden. This street is lined all over with beautiful stores, cafes, and restaurants. As the majority of the street is free from the issues of bustling traffic, you can take a light stroll and enjoy your time to the fullest.
So, these are some of the activities and places which you need to explore to ensure that you have a fun filled trip to Stockholm. Are you raring to go now?