January 16, 2022


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Where To Go Hiking In Switzerland | Places to visit in Switzerland

The shortest answer- anywhere. Switzerland has a lot of hiking trails, and you will surely find one that will fit your expectations. And now for the longer answer.
Did you know that hiking is one of the most popular activities in Switzerland with nearly half the population taking hikes more than twice a week? That’s not a surprise given that Switzerland’s landscapes can leave even the couch- potatoes breathless, and make hiking their new hobby. Switzerland’s hiking trails are well-maintained and usually, there is no need for special equipment, but you still need to be careful and aware of your surroundings.
The following list will show you some of the most popular hiking trails for tourists visiting Switzerland. If these are not enough for you, you can always download different apps that will help you find the nearest hiking trail in Switzerland. For additional information on how to get to the starting point of these hikes, use SBB application that will find the nearest train route.

1. The Eiger Trail

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Eiger Trail”]
Scorching summer sum can be good when you want to get a tan but becomes annoying if you have no place to cool down. This hike will be perfect for you if you want to change hot and heavy city air with a dash of the chilly mountain breeze. A mere look at Eiger’s north face covered with snow will bring chills down your spine, and you do not have to be a mountain climber to see it up- close, just take the Eiger trail hike. You’ll be climbing a lot of steep slopes, so this is not the world’s easiest hike, but if you do it, the images will forever stay in your memory.

2. Emmentaler Ridge Walk

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This relaxing hike will take you away from the 21st century. During it, you will see a stunning view of the Alps, Jura, and Mitteland, and you won’t see any sign of modern age. There are many hikes that lead to the top of the Nopf, but the most popular is the one starting in Luederenalp. There is even a hotel on top where you can stay overnight if you want to enjoy this breathtaking scenery for a bit longer.

3. Appenzeller Alpine Trail

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Appenzeller Alpine Trail”]
Mount Säntis (2502m) is the highest of the Alpstein (Appenzell Alps), and although it’s not as high as other Alp’s peaks it is still quite impressive. During this route, you will pass by three resting places, and you should stop and enjoy the beautiful panoramic scenery before you move on. When you get to the top, you will be excited to know that you do not have to take the same way back. You can descend with aerial cableway and soak in the view from above the trees.

4. Passo del Sole

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Region Val Piora is said to be one of the most spectacular regions in Ticino. Could it be because it has over 28 crystal clear lakes, or is it something else? This trail will lead you to the lake Ritom, and it takes around 5 hours to get there. Do not feel discouraged just yet, because this train will give you an unforgettable view over Ticino. After you reach the lake, exhausted from all the hiking, you will soon learn that Swiss people think of everything. Your descent will not be on foot, take a ride in one of the steepest funicular railway in the world.

5. Swiss National Park

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You would think that the land of beautiful green meadows, emerald rivers, and snowy mountain peaks has a lot of national parks around. But this is not the case in Switzerland. It may sound strange, but Switzerland has got only one national park. Swiss National Park is ideal for families, and there are 21 hiking trails you can take. When you enter the park, you will find a lot of helpful maps and different equipment you can rent. Please try to respect the rules when you are hiking in this park. Even though they seem strict, they exist for a reason- to preserve and prevent the disturbance of this park’s flora and fauna.

6. Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lavaux Vineyard Terraces”]
The largest vineyard in Switzerland has a lot more to offer than well-aged wine. This spectacular route will take you past the numerous wine cellars and typical houses in this region. It is nearly impossible to resist and not try some wine, but have boundaries and do not let a headache ruin your hike. If this does not seem exciting to you, then bypass the wineries and continue hiking, your effort will be rewarded with an astonishing view over the Lake Geneva and Lavaux terraces.

7. Following the Doubs

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If you happen to be on a honeymoon in Switzerland hiking alongside this river will make it memorable. It may be lengthy, but it is very romantic and peaceful, an ideal place for a couple’s hike. Experience the serenity of a river landscape with your loved one and don’t forget to visit the medieval town of St Ursane in the end.