January 22, 2022


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Why You Should Head To Sweden For The Northern Lights?

Considered as one of the most austere and mind-blowing natural phenomena, the northern lights is a majestic display in the sky where the canvas is lit by too many colors that give you a show you can never forget. The dancing light actually occurs because of the collision between highly charged particles from the sun which happens to enter the earth’s atmosphere.
The lights can flash in a lot of different colors and they can either be seen in patches or even as scattered clouds which cover the whole sky. The kind of glow which the sky emits and the way the color changes constantly is a sight that will be fixed in your heart for a long time.
Now that you know the basics of northern lights, you must already know that it is on the bucket list for too many people. Travelers all over the world spend a massive amount of money merely for the chance to witness this breathtaking natural phenomenon. However, no one can guarantee if you will get to see the northern lights. You definitely need to pick the right location and then hope that you have a clear sky to witness this unique color display.

The Swedish Lapland

Photo by lublud on Foter.com
Photo by lublud on Foter.com

If you want to give yourself the best chance to see the northern lights, you need to head to the Swedish Lapland as it offers you an amazing chance. Let us get down to the details.

The Time

Photo by lublud on Foter.com
Photo by lublud on Foter.com

First of all, you need to decide as to what would be the ideal time for you to visit Sweden so that you can see the display of colors on the canvas of the sky. Ideally, it is seen that the period from November to March seems perfect for your travel. During this time, the chances of witnessing aurora borealis are the highest and this is the reason, you can find too many tourists camping at the place because this is one such experience which no one wants to miss out on.

The Right Place

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Abisko National Park, Lapland”]
Now that you are clear about the time of travel, we need to offer details pertaining to the spots that give you the best chance to see the northern lights. The Aurora sky station located in the Abisko national park in the Swedish Lapland is known to be one of the best places wherein you can spot the northern lights.
Ideally, people start gathering here from the beginning of September and you will find the crowd thinning after the end of March. This whole period promises the views but once again, there is no assurance that on a certain day, you can enjoy the view of the northern lights.
The Abisko National Park is surrounded by mountains on all sides and it is known to have clear skies. In order to enjoy northern lights, one of the key perquisites is the fact that you should have a clear sky. There is a chairlift which will take you all the way up to the observation tower and you can find northern light exhibition, souvenir shop and a cafe as well. So, there are options galore and you can definitely have the time of your life if you manage to catch the chance of enjoying the northern lights.

Is it worth the hype?

Photo by Joakim Berndes on Foter.com
Photo by Joakim Berndes on Foter.com

Those who have never quite seen the northern lights wonder if this phenomenon is actually worth the hype. It pays to know that this majestic display is one of the most bucketed activities among the list of too many travelers. The moment when the sky does this eclectic colorful dance is going to be so breathtaking that you will remember it until the end of times.
It is one of those rare phenomena that end up leaving a mark on your mind because the way the sky changes the color and how the sky feels like an artistic painter’s canvas is unimaginable and sure to make you marvel the beauty of nature.
So, even though there is no one who can guarantee if you will see the northern lights, tourists in large number gather at different places which promises a view of this event. This in itself should give you an idea of how amazingly awesome this natural phenomenon truly is.
In fact, a large majority of tourists that come to Sweden do so in order to enjoy the northern lights.

The Mythological Backstories

Photo by Beastankar on Foter.com
Photo by Beastankar on Foter.com

Of course, there is a lot of folklore surrounding these lights. The Northern Sami people believe that the light is actually symbolic of the spirits of dead people visiting the land and they thereby believe that people should respect their presence and be quiet. There is a strong belief that mocking the northern lights or even singing about them could bring in too much misery and even death.
The only way you can guarantee seeing the northern lights is to prolong your stay at the Swedish Lapland. When there isn’t too much snow and the sky is bereft of clouds, the odds of witnessing this dance of lights are quite high. Many a time, you can see the display multiple times a day and several days in a week as well.
So, pack your bags, plan your travel and keep your fingers crossed hoping to tick this majestic event off your bucket list.
Of course, when you are at Sweden, do not forget to check out on the other touring spots too because it surely is in every sense a European paradise!