10 Best Places In Berlin To Go & Eat In 2023

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and you can find the most varied worldwide recipes in several restaurants spread across the main tourist routes. But there is always that taste of wanting more. We have handpicked 10 incredible places that you have to know and delight with the delicacies served in the places.

Here are the 10 Best Places In Berlin To Go & Eat In 2023:

1. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

Photo Credit: wikimedia.org

It would not be silly to say that Berlin is the European capital of the kebab. Anywhere in the city, you will find small establishments selling the delicious food of Turkish origin. However, the most famous kebab in the city is that of Mustafa’s, which keeps the seasoning of the meat in absolute secrecy. No doubt you have to try it. But get ready, the queues are huge and it can take you up to 40 minutes to get your plate.

2. Mamay

Photo Credit: mamay-berlin.de

Berlin has a gigantic population of Vietnamese, so its restaurants are very popular. The Mamay is an excellent option for those who want to taste the flavor of the Orient in a more traditional way, with their dishes stuffed with vegetables and coconut-based seasonings. Probably after going there, you will like to repeat the experience.

3. The Bird

Photo Credit: thebirdsteakhouse

When it comes to hamburgerThe Bird is unbeatable. In an environment totally inspired by the USA, you’ll have the tastiest hamburgers in town. Sandwiches with 250g of meat carry curious names like The Drunk GuettoThe Flaming Roger and Patty Melt, all with the most varied types of cheeses. If you are brash, go deep in the house steaks, they are absolutely delicious. But stay tuned. The place is always full, so make a reservation – stay calm, the reservation clerks speak English.

4. Maroush

Photo Credit: Marooush.Berlin

In Kreuzberg region, but in the more Turkish part of the neighborhood, is the traditional Maroush, specializing in Lebanese food. Do you accept a suggestion? Try the falafel with vegetarian hummus. It is also a great place to taste the kebab, which was absorbed by local culture and is currently more consumed than the currywurst itself.

5. Vom Einfachen das Gute

Photo Credit: vomeinfachendasgute.com

A place very concerned with the quality and origin of the products offered, the Vom Einfachen das Gute (“The simple does the good”) is the ideal place for those who like to taste cheese, sausages, pâtés, sparkling wines and regional products. It is also the right place for you to indulge yourself in picnicking at one of the city’s parks.

6. Wok Show

Photo Credit: Alpha

Wok Show is the most curious Chinese food in town. Despite having numerous dishes in its menu, the house specializes in dumplings. You can order portions of 20 or 40, baked or fried, with vegetarian, pork, beef or chicken fillings. They are all freshly made, which gives, even more, flavor to the food. But be careful with the peppers, they really are to kill!

7. Cookies Cream

Photo Credit: happycow.net

The restaurant entrance is in the service area of the Westin Grand Hotel. With a very eclectic crowd, the vegetarian Cookies Cream is a hit of the gastronomic scene of Berlin and its menu changes according to the seasonality of the products. With tasty dishes and rich contrasts of spices, it is an oasis for those who do not consume meat. Always crowded, it is almost indispensable to make a reservation. Oh, and you can also request a vegan adaptation to the menu when making the reservation.

8. Brauhaus Südstern

Photo Credit: brauhaus-suedstern.de

BreweryBiergarten, and restaurant, The Brauhaus Südstern brings together all of this in a place with incredible atmosphere. The beers in the house are really good and the drinkers can not help but schedule a tour and check up on the local production. In addition, the menu is filled with delights of German cuisine, such as schnitzel and other dishes.

9. Monsieur Vuong

Photo Credit: Premshree Pillai

This restaurant is perhaps the most hyped one in the town. Specializing in Vietnamese foodMonsieur Vuong is a restaurant that, in addition to good food, is also a place where people go to see and be seen. There is even an attraction to the diversity of people who frequent the place. Be sure to sample the caramelized chicken wings at the entrance, they are the trademark of the place.

10. Das Meisterstück

Photo Credit: speisekarte.de

With a typically German food and a varied beer menu, the Das Meisterstück (“The Masterpiece”) is a great restaurant for those who want to sample various Würste and German appetizers in Mitte, whether at lunch or dinner.

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