10 Best Places To Visit In Greece In 2023

Are you ready to explore the stunning beauty and rich history of Greece in 2023? From the breathtaking islands of the Aegean Sea to the ancient ruins of Athens, Greece has something for every type of traveler. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, hike through the mountains, or experience the vibrant culture of the cities, there’s a destination in Greece that’s perfect for you. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best places to visit in Greece in 2023, from the bustling city of Athens to the picturesque island of Santorini. Get ready to start planning your ultimate Greek adventure!

1. Cave of Zeus

Cave of Zeus
Photo Credit: Z thomas

Many people believe that Zeus grew up in this cave. People believe that when the ancient God of Gods was a little kid he spent time in this cave. Nowadays the place offers stunning views and interesting stories in the same time. It is perfect for both people who love history and Greek Mythology and in the same time for people enjoying views. Many people are not familiar with the place. Another reason for the lack of popularity is also the hard path which leads to this location. The address of this place is Idaean Cave, Mountian Ida, Greece

2. Mycenae

Photo Credit: Andy Hay

The city is created in the Neolithic ages, which makes it one of the oldest saved cities in Greece. This is the home city of Agamemnon, the leader of the army which was able to capture Troy. On the rocky hills you can witness amazing views and stunning ancient buildings. It is believed that the city used to hold the most gold in ancient Greece. The amazing leftovers of the Greek History in this place can easily take you back in the time of Agamemnon. The address is Mycines, Greece.

3. Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave
Photo Credit: Matt Sims

This is believed to be the Cave of the Nymphs and many people believe that there are still ancient creatures living in the cave which are guarding over it. People are still scared to look into the water, because there are still stories about Nymphs that are seen inside of the cave. Interesting fact is that on the bottom of the cave under the water you can find all kinds of different stones. Many people believe that miracles happen in this cave. Address of the place is Kefalonia, Greece.

4. Folegandros Island

Folegandros Island
Photo Credit: Navin75

Folegandros Island is one of the most amazing places in Greece. It has amazing beaches with darker sand, because of the volcanic activities in the area. It is not popular because of the fact that just nearby is the most famous Greek city of Santorini. More and more people are starting to prefer this islands beaches than the world famous Santorini. The current situation is that Folegandros is known only to locals, who are slowly trying to prove that it has even better advantages than Santorini. The water clear is amazingly clear and transparent. The address is Folegandros Island, Greece.

5. Monastery of Saint John the Theologian

Monastery of Saint John the Theologian
Photo Credit: Valeria Casali

This monastery is build around 1000 a.c. in the name of St. John, who helped in the writing of the Holy Bible. The place is slowly getting famous and more and more people are visiting it. The story says that St. John wrote most of his lines in the Bible while being in the area. Nowadays many modern monks and priest go and mediate in the Monastery. The place is perfect for people who love history and believe in God. The road to the city is a bit harsh, but once you get there you will not be disappointed. The address is Patmos, Greece.

6. Mastic Villages

Mastic Villages
Photo Credit: sworld.co.uk

Mastic villages are the main and basically only producer of mastic drink, made of mastic tree. Mastica is the national drink of Greece and one of the most popular drinks on the Balkans. If you want to try unique alcohol drink and enjoy amazing views, definitely you need to visit these villages. Another interesting thing for this area is the amazing white/beige/black type of architecture which is unique. Almost all of the buildings in the area are the same. The address is Chios, Greece.

7. Zagorohoria Mountains

Zagorohoria Mountains
Photo Credit: originaltravel.co.uk

If you want to see amazing views, amazing lakes and amazing rivers than you need to visit the Zagorohoria Mountains. The place has the typical Greek Mythology feeling and is home of many ancient stories. The deepest gorge in the world is here as well. The dragonlake is situated in these mountains. Most of the mountains are rocky which makes the place hard for reaching. Not many people are living in this Northern area of Greece. Voidomatis River is part of Zagorohoria Mountains and it is counted as one of the cleanest rivers in the world. The address of the main village in the area is Ioannina, Greece.

8. Pylos Beaches

Pylos Beaches
Photo Credit: vathis

The most amazing thing about Pylos beaches is the fact that the area is not highly inhabited and most beaches in the area are still virgin. Great beaches, amazing sand, clean water and Greek mythology. The scenery makes a lot of people feel like Greek Gods or at least like actors movies. Personally I believe that this is the place on the earth that has the definition of virgin beaches and great sand. The sand on this beaches is amazingly smashed into small piece like pretty much nowhere else in the world The address of this little heaven is Gialova, Greece.

9. Castle of the knights Kos

Castle of the knights Kos
Photo Credit: discoveringkos.com

In 1337, the Knights of Hospitaller took over the island Kos and build this castle. The place use to be property of many empires. From the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Fourth Crusades, Ottoman Empire to even Kingdom of Italy. Island Kos and the Castle of the knights is a symbol of the Fourth Crusades. Until the last few years island Kos was not one of the most famous ones in Greece. Nowadays, also with the help of this castle island Kos is getting more and more tourist every year. The address is Kos, Greece.

10. Hadrian Library

Hadrian Library
Photo Credit: Carole Raddato

Hadrian Library is one of the places in the world that has a unique energy. There are no words that can describe the feeling of wisdom and knowledge that surround the area if this library leftovers. Most people do not visit this library because it is extremely close to the Acropolis of Athens and people just do not find out about the history of this place. The Roman Emperor Hadrian builds it around 132 a.d. In the ancient times it was one of the biggest libraries in the world with 17 000 documents inside of it. The address of the place is Psirri, Athens, Greece.

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