10 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas at Night in 2023

Las Vegas is the city of lights and their reputation has no doubt held up to that. Not only is there plenty to do when the lights go down but they have the best of everything to do. Sure you have heard there are shows to catch, but did you know you can see international celebrities too? How about food from all over the world cooked by the most famous chefs for dinner or a late night snack? Las Vegas has plenty to offer to any individual with any budget.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas at Night in 2023:

1. Check Out a Nightclub

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The night scene in Vegas will open your eyes to the some of the greatest high-end clubs in the world. Each one uniquely jaw-dropping, giving you plenty of eye candy throughout the night! Check out Jewel at Aria Resort and Casinos and it will make you feel like you are at some intimate classy futuristic bar. If you are looking for something a bit more swanky, stop by Drai’s at The Cromwell. No matter your taste, there is a long list of options to fit any appetite.

2. Visit a Bar

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If a nightclub is not your scene, a bar may provide the drinks and excitement you need. Throw out the idea of lame gimmick bars. Las Vegas does not do anything without full effort. Check out the Minus 5 Ice Experience, where you will enjoy ice-cold cocktails in ice glasses. Just be careful when you step out and the room warms up, it may quickly go to your head!
Not interested in the cold? Check out Hofbrauhaus to connect with your Bavarian German roots. Stop by The Chandelier, a place so classy it is as if you are in a chandelier! Blind and pretty lights everywhere to help light up your night!

3. See a Show

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Like everything else in Vegas, you will find the best here. Check out a celebrity show like Britney Spears or JLo. Too expensive? Just walk along the strip and you will find plenty of free shows taking place. The water show at the Bellagio for example!
Not into concerts? Check out top musicians like Penn & Teller or Chris Angel. Then go see Beatles Love for some music and acrobatics or end the night with their world-famous comedy clubs. You can spend the entire night seeing one show after another.

4. Gamble

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Of course, we weren’t going to forget about gambling! The strip is lined with one casino right after another. Some of the most popular include Wynn, Bellagio, Venetian, and Cosmopolitan. However, you are going to have to learn the trick to getting rich on your own!
Whether you are new to gambling or a seasoned gambler, there is a little something for everyone in Vegas. If you are new to gambling, there are plenty of cheap slot machines that are easy and self-explanatory to use. If you are interested in something a bit more advanced, like testing your skills or luck, check out some of the black jack or poker tables. These are featured at essentially every hotel so you can always find new ways to play.

5. Check Out The Hotels

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Vegas is flashy no doubt. Which means there is plenty to see just walking around, especially at night. Tons of hotels feature amazing displays throughout the year, like Bellagio. Others like to transport you to another world, like the Venetian, Caesars Palace or New York – New York. You can walk around and check out some incredible and creative architecture!

6. Check Out Special Events

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There is always something happening in Vegas. They have concerts, featured shows, and events going on every night. Do what you want during the day, but at night, check the calendar and find some incredible celebrity-hosted parties or a concert with a once in a lifetime line up.

7. Take a Ride

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The lights of Vegas are beautiful, but have you seen them in a private helicopter ride? How about going on the tallest Ferris wheel in the world while peering down at the beautiful lights? No, zip line over the strip? There are endless ways to get your adrenaline pumping by the city providing you with some of the most beautiful ways to view those city lights.

8. Try World Class Cuisine

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Las Vegas has some of the most incredible cuisines in the world. Perfect for a romantic evening or, if you can swing it, some of the best drunk-late-night snacks. Bringing in chefs from all over the world, celebrity chefs and chefs so famous you don’t even know their name. Want to try Gordon Ramsay steak? How about some Wolfgang Puck? If you are a top chef fan, check out his restaurant Craftsteak at the MGM Grand. Yes, Vegas has a little bit of celebrity in it all.

9. Eat at a Buffet

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The incredible restaurants are without a doubt high end, and the receipt shows it. So if you really want to fill your belly, check out the buffets for dinner! There is a ton to visit in Vegas and serve everything under the sun! Check out the Wicked spoon for truly unique eats served in small dishes so you can try it all. Visit Studio B Buffet at The M Resort where you can taste over 200 different items. I don’t think I can even think of more than 200 dishes!

10. Get Married!

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No really, there are tons of places to get married that are open 24 hours a day! Complete with great package deals on ceremonies, receptions, hotel packages, and plenty to do. Skip the wedding stress and party the night away!
There is no telling what you will discover in Vegas. There is plenty to do and enjoy, especially at night when drinks start flowing and the excitement begins in the desert. You can pump your adrenaline, visit a unique bar, check out a famous place for dinner, and end the night with a little bubbly.

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