10 Best Things to Do in Minneapolis at Night in 2023

One half of Minnesota’s famous Twin Cities, Minneapolis is best known as the home of music artist Prince and for its Skyway that offers protection from the bitter cold winters for pedestrians. Minneapolis has much more to offer, however. Escape rooms, artistic endeavors, and sightseeing make up just a portion of what this beautiful city in Minnesota’s southern region can offer.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Minneapolis at Night in 2023:

1. Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms have become a popular pastime in recent years, and Minneapolis offers several different options for you to enjoy. The Escape Game offers patrons several options for their escape room experience, while the Zero Hour Escape Rooms offers what it calls “real life adventure games” such as a Mad Tea Party room and a Prison Breakroom. Mission Manor offers an antique feel for your escape room enjoyments, and the Lock and Key Escape Rooms offers a detective-like feel to their puzzle games.
These are just a few of the Escape Room options Minneapolis offers. Go with a group of friends and find clues, put together puzzles, and solve mysteries.

2. The Salt Cave

Photo Credit: saltcaveminnesota.com

Looking for a more relaxing night out? Start off your evening in Minneapolis’ therapeutic salt cave, the first of its kind in the state. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Himalayan salt rooms, handcrafted using more than six tons of the famous pink salt. Treat your stress, anxiety, or respiratory issues with the provenly therapeutic air of the Himalayan salt.
In addition to individual therapeutic salt sessions, the Salt Cave offers a variety of other relaxation sessions. Receive a therapeutic massage or practice yoga in the relaxing atmosphere of the salt rooms. Whatever relaxing endeavor you want to start your night with, the Salt Cave can help.

3. Brush Studio

Photo Credit: Brush Studio

Enjoy a night of art, wine, and socializing at Minneapolis’ Brush Studio. An artist will guide you step-by-step through creating a beautiful painting, which you can take with you at the end of the night. You can enjoy drinks while you paint, and purchase snacks at your convenience.
Except for Friday and Saturday nights, the studio is child-friendly for ages 12 and up, and allows children age 8 and up on Sundays. Ages 16 and up are welcome at all classes. Valet parking is available for $5, and the classes last about two and a half hours. Outside food and drinks are not allowed but can be purchased from the studio.

4. Vertical Endeavors

Photo Credit: verticalendeavors.com

Experience the thrill of rock climbing at Vertical Endeavor. First-time climbers will get the benefit of being surrounded by experts in rock climbing, while more skilled climbers can enjoy challenging courses. The climate-controlled facility offers indoor and outdoor courses and classes for all skill levels.
All ages are welcome, although climbers under 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver required of all climbers. Loose athletic clothing is recommended. Tight shoes appropriate for climbing may be brought in or rented for $5 from Vertical Endeavor. Vertical Endeavors offers a program for everyone.

5. Splatball

Photo Credit: splatball.com

Who doesn’t love a good round of paintball? The largest indoor paintball field in Minneapolis, Splatball is available for parties, company events, and more.
Groups are separated by age, so if you schedule an outing with your friends, you won’t find yourself up against a group celebrating a young child’s birthday. A safety orientation is required. Tables are reserved for each group; food and drink are available for purchase. Players may play two games at a time before coming into reloading, with most groups playing for up to an hour, and private rotation is available for selection at reservation if you wish to ensure you only play against your own group.

6. Veteran’s Memorial Park

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Come enjoy bike rentals, mini golf, and more at Veteran’s Memorial Park. Explore the beauty of the park on a mountain bike or one of the several different surrey vehicles available for rent by the hour. Play mini-golf on the 18-hold course, and then take a break to enjoy ice cream, melts, and drinks at the famous Malt-T-Melt shop on the green.
The park is seasonal, with hours varying during its on-season. Special activities are available throughout the season, so be sure to keep an eye on their events calendar.

7. The Aviary

Photo Credit: theaviarympls.com

Enjoy a unique aerial fitness experience at The Aviary. All Aerial participants are required to take the 45-minute introductory course before moving onto any other activities offered. Once this is complete, you can enjoy a variety of different aerial fitness courses for all levels.
The Aviary also offers Fly Bungee courses for those interested and is available for private parties as well.

8. Memory Lanes

Photo Credit: memorylanesmpls

A state-of-the-art bowling facility with a retro feel, Memory Lanes 30 lanes, food and drinks at its restaurant, live events including music, darts, arcade games, and two outdoor sand volleyball courts. The schedule varies from day to day, but games can be played most days from early afternoon to midnight or later. Volleyball courts are open during spring and summer.
Special events and parties are welcome at Memory Lanes. Enjoy the retro feel of the building while playing games with your friends and enjoy dinner and drinks.

9. Lake Harriet

Photo Credit: schwerdf

A variety of activities and experiences are available for your pleasure at beautiful Lake Harriet Park. Developed areas are open until midnight, while undeveloped areas of the park are open until 10 pm. Be sure to check where your preferred activity is in the park.
Enjoy skiing in the winter, nature paths, swimming, and live events throughout the year. Check the calendar for a complete list of activities and events.

10. Lake of the Isles

Photo Credit: pexels

Picturesque Lake of the Isles is open year-round for a variety of seasonal activities. Enjoy ice skating and hockey in the winter, soccer and fishing in the warmer months, and more.
Like Lake Harriet, hours of the park are determined by development. Developed areas are open until midnight, and undeveloped areas are open until ten. Check the calendar for events.

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