10 Best Things to Do in Moscow at Night in 2023

The night is the favorite time of young people in Moscow. Night walks around the city, quests, open-air cinema, clubs and much more await for those who don’t sleep at night. Here, we will find out what are the impressive things to do at night around the Russian capital.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Moscow at Night in 2023:

1. Walk Around the Red Square

Photo Credit: Diego Delso

The Red Square separates the Kremlin from the official residence of the President of Russia. Undoubtedly, it is the heart of Russia. Moreover, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral overlooking the square is the real decoration of that area.
The Red Square is full of tourists in the daytime. However, local people mostly appreciate walking around the square at night when it is lit with thousands of lights all around.

2. Take a Night Tour

Photo Credit: maxpixel.net

Several companies organize great excursions around the night metropolis. Participants visit exciting, fascinating, strange places around Moscow. There are different tours – by bus or by foot so that everyone can choose the most suitable entertainment for the maximum enjoyment.
Also, there are special tours dedicated to famous novels, such as “Master and Margarita”, “Gorky Park”, “A Gentleman in Moscow”, and many others.

3. Participate in an Outdoor Quest

Photo Credit: Diego Delso

Quests are especially popular among students and young people, but everybody can participate. Your team of several people has to follow a particular route (back alleys, abandoned buildings, etc.) in search of caches, codes, prompts. The primary goal is to solve the riddles and reach the finish quickly. Some quests are organized to move by car.
Many organizations in Moscow offer their own unique routes and quests programs. This activity is challenging and fun. Also, it allows discovering hidden gems of the city.

4. Go to the Night Bus Club

Photo Credit: peakpx

Russia inherited this kind of club parties on a bus from the US. However, there is only one Night Club Bus in Moscow so far.
Be ready to experience 4.5 kilowatts of sound, tasty bar, dance pole as well as all other attributes of a standard nightclub. But note: it is located on wheels!

5. Do Ice Skating

Photo Credit: pexels.com

Russian people love ice skating and do it even at night. Don’t hesitate to try the favorite winter sport in Moscow.
In Moscow, several skating rinks are open even when it is dark. The skating rink in the Ice Palace of CSKA is open all week from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
The ice rink in the shopping center “Evropeisky” entertains visitors on Friday and Saturday until 6 a.m., and the Morozovo ice rink awaits all those who are not sleeping on Saturdays.

6. Go to the Cinema

Photo Credit: Svetlov Artem

A great way to save precious daytime is to go to the cinema at night. There are fewer people in the cinema hall, and a crunch of chips is quieter.
Keep in mind there is an opportunity to watch several movies at once. Cinemas in Moscow regularly organize movie nights with movie premieres or themed films.

7. Listen to Music and Relax

Photo Credit: joybeat.com

“Solyanka” is a universal place for fans of nightlife. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you can dance, listen to fashionable DJs and perform on songs from your favorite musicians until 6 am.
On the other days, you can have a drink at the bar and eat in the restaurant dishes that are a mixture of Mediterranean, Thai and Mexican cuisines.

8. Taste Unusual Asian Dishes

Photo Credit: pexels.com

In “Zu” Cafe in Tverskaya street, you can taste Asian cuisine at night. Every dish is cooked by chefs from Shanghai and Malaysia.
Guests can watch the cooking process because everything happens in the open kitchen. At the customer’s request, any of the ingredients can be added. All dishes can be ordered “on tap” in individual boxes.

9. Play games in a Time Cafe

Photo Credit: e_chaya

Overnight time cafes attract all those who are tired from the daily routine. All the visitors can have free hot tea or coffee, as well as various sweets, are served.
For useful and fun pastime there are laptops, board games, books, game consoles, wi-fi. Visitors pay only for the time spent. The most popular are times cafes called Summer, Tsiferblat, and Pushkin.

10. Eat in a French Cafe

Photo Credit: Maria Eklind

Cafe “Jean-Jacques” on Tsvetnoy Boulevard offers dinner until 7 am. It is a network of metropolitan cafes that continue the traditions of the best French bistros.
In the hall of “Jean-Jacques”, you can listen to real French chanson, and the waiters have the same uniform as the employees of the traditional Parisian bistros: snow-white shirts and aprons to the floor, black vests, and black trousers.
Pay attention to the wooden board near the cafe. It announces events and new dishes on the menu.

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