10 Best Things to Do in Plovdiv at Night in 2023

Plovdiv is a major travel destination in the Balkans thanks to its historical and cultural heritage. Most probably, you are going to explore the ancient ruins inherited from the time of the Philip II of Macedon who founded this settlement. What about the evening time? We’ve come up with ten fascinating suggestions for your unforgettable pastime.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Plovdiv at Night in 2023:

1. Watch the sunset from Nebet Tepe

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Nebet Tepe is the cradle of Plovdiv since the town was founded from that place. No wonder, you will find rich architectural heritage there. Explore the ruins in the daytime, and enjoy the sunset in the evening time. The fantastic views can make a perfect start for your night in Plovdiv!

2. Drink Beer in the Kapana District

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Kapana District is the most trendy in the whole Plovdiv. There are many creative bars around. It is easy to find the district, as it is located just a few minutes away from the main street. Looking for an amazing place to grab some beer, check “Bar Craft Kapana” that involves artists every evening.

3. Taste Cocktails in Fargo

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Fargo is a fancy bar, which sells the best cocktails around the city. If you are in Plovdiv during a weekend, visit this place for funky DJ parties with dancing music. This place gathers a crowd of young people thanks to the drinks, top club music, and design.

4. Enjoy the Open-Air Opera Performance

Photo Credit: VladislavNedelev

Are you planning to visit Plovdiv in the summer? Don’t forget to add opera performances to your list. Even if you are not a big fan of opera music, you will definitely like the atmosphere around the ancient Roman Theater in the Old Town.

5. Experience the Nightlife

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There are several modern nightclubs in Plovdiv, which is the cultural capital of Bulgaria and the second city after Sofia.
Galaxy is the chicest club in Plovdiv with a central stage, go-go girls, and a very incendiary program. There are constant performances of artists and DJs in the hall for 1000 people.

6. Enjoy Singing Fountains

Photo Credit: Jbiznesa

Just imagine water, light, and music at the same time. That’s all about the Singing Fountains in Plovdiv. The attraction is located in the Tsar Simeon’s Garden, which was founded at the end of the 19th century.
The show starts every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 9 p.m.

7. Gamble in a Casino

Photo Credit: grandhotelplovdiv.bg

Most people on the Balkans can’t live without gambling. No wonder, there are several luxurious casinos around Plovdiv.
Casino Ritz considered the best casino in Plovdiv with animation, amazing interior in the Las Vegas style, elegant lighting and an excellent choice of alcoholic beverages.

8. Visit Cultural Center Trakart

Photo Credit: trakart.org

Cultural Center Trakart is a very original art museum with mosaic panels, glassware, dishes of the Eneolithic and Neolithic periods. Also, there is a huge number of ancient Roman mosaics. It is open in the evening with a fee of $2.5 per person. Don’t hesitate to visit it if you are into history.

9. Taste the Bulgarian Cuisine

Photo Credit: Savannah Rivka Powell

Traditional restaurants in Plovdiv are proud of their truly European service, friendly staff, and large portions. It means you should be hungry and expecting to eat a lot before entering a Bulgarian restaurant.
“Megdana” is one of most famous traditional restaurants in Plovdiv, which serves solely dishes of the Bulgarian traditional cuisine, including delicious seafood. Sometimes there are performances with traditional dances and songs. If you enjoy the food, you will love the culture.

10. Participate in a Festival

Photo Credit: BrankaVV

Before your trip to Plovdiv, get-to-know if you are there during a festival time. There is the Jazz Festival in early November, the Folklore Festival in the first week of August, the Opera Festival in September, the Rock festival at the beginning of September as well as many others. That will make your trip special!

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