10 Best Things to Do in Skopje at Night in 2023

The capital of Macedonia looks more rich and impressive than you might imagine. Thanks to the famous project “Skopje 2014” the whole central part of the city was renovated, and naturally, it attracts crowds of tourists from everywhere. If you are one of those, who are planning to visit Macedonia soon, keep in mind these 10 things to do at night.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do in Skopje at Night in 2023:

1. Count the Monuments

Photo Credit: delso.photo

As you already know, the city became full of monuments and various attractions 4 years ago, it is difficult to count how many monuments appeared in the center of the capital during the recent years. However, if you are a walking enthusiast, you should try to calculate the dozens of monuments and renovated building facades around the center.
Keep in mind; there is even a new Triumphal Arch among the monuments.

2. Go to the Skopje Fortress

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The fortress is one of the symbols of the city. Built in the 6th century, it used to serve as a defensive structure and barracks throughout the history.
Nowadays the fortress is an architectural monument in the center of Skopje. Since it is located on a hill, it is also a favorite observation point for the central part of the city.

3. Spend Time in the Old Market

Photo Credit: Stephan Plepelits

The Old Market in Skopje is located just next to the Skopje Fortress. It is also known as the Turkish Bazaar because most vendors there are Turkish. Since the market is located in the city center, there are many exclusive souvenirs. However, the Old Market turns to be a significant attraction, and Kafanas Restaurant is one of the most popular places to spend time with friends, drink some beer and eat local food.

4. Hang Out in the Night Club

Photo Credit: HominiLupus

The young Macedonians love to spend nights in nightclubs, that is why these places are always full. Sometimes it is even hard to dance because of the closeness. But if you aren’t afraid of the crowds, you should visit Epicentar Night Club and Havana Summer Club.

5. Taste the National Cuisine

Photo Credit: Моника Стојановска

Macedonian national cuisine is similar to the other cuisines in the Balkans. Most dishes include meat or fish, but the vegetarians can also find something delicious.
Tavche Gravche is one of the most typical Macedonian dishes, which is difficult to find in other countries. It includes stewed beans with sauce. However, don’t hesitate to order pastrmajlija if you can’t live without meat.
The best places to taste local food are Pivnica An in the heart of the Old Town and La Tana with live music across the river.

6. Drink Local Wines

Photo Credit: hippopx.com

It’s a great idea to listen to live guitar music with a glass of quality wine, isn’t it? If you think so, don’t hesitate to visit Vinoteka Temov or any other traditional restaurant around the Old Town. Keep in mind Macedonian singers are very artistic!

7. Visit the Memorial House of Mother Teresa

Photo Credit: Quahadi Añtó

Did you know that the legendary Mother Teresa was born in Skopje? But because she was an Albanian, her fame is divided between the two neighbor countries.
Anyway, you can visit her old house in the center of Skopje, which serves as a museum nowadays. Keep in mind; it closes at 8 p.m. so you can combine your visit with other night activities.

8. Be Impressed by Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid

Photo Credit: facebook.com

The Church of Saint Clement of Ohrid or Soborna Crkva (that’s what it is called in Macedonian) is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Macedonia. The church looks really impressive at night when its domes are lit. So, include the architectural and religious monument to your list of must-visit places if you decide to walk a little bit around the city center.

9. Chill Out in the City Park

Photo Credit: hippopx.com

The city park of Skopje is located in the proximity to the Old Town, and during the warm seasons, it is full of people all day and night. Local like to go there for chilling out, drinking, meeting friends and listening to live music. If you are in Skopje during the summer, don’t hesitate to spend a night in the city park.

10. Climb Vodno Mountain

Photo Credit: Pero Kvrzica

Vodno Mountain is overlooking the whole Skopje, and it is especially beautiful at night. Spend a night looking at the illuminated city with a glass of beer. It’s a great idea to relax and enjoy in the calm atmosphere.
To reach the Vodno Mountain, you should take a car or bus to Vidikovec.

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