10 Most Famous Caves in Slovenia

Slovenia has many caves, some of them more famous and some less. The most famous and visited Slovenian caves are Postojna Cave, Pekel, and Škocjanske Caves. Other caves are not very popular, but still, they are beautiful and worth visiting.

1. Postojna Cave


The Postojna Cave is the most famous and visited attraction in Slovenia. It was discovered in the 17th Century and it’s more than 20 km long. Tunnels will charm the visitors with most amazing creations of nature. One of the biggest attractions of the cave is the proteus, also known as “human fish”, which is the only cave vertebrate in Europe.

2. Pekel Jama


Pekel Jama, translated into English means “Hell Cave”. It was discovered in the 19th Century and it’s a little over 1 km long. The name “Hell” was given to it, due to its scary and dark entrance. The interior of the cave is divided into 2 sections, upper section which is known as a “dry” area and a lower section, which is a host to spectacular underground waterfalls.

3. Škocjanske Caves


A cave system which is a part of  UNESCO’s natural and cultural world heritage sites is one of the biggest cave systems in the world. The game of nature really did an amazing job in this underground world. You will have a chance to see underground canyons, waterfalls, nature lights and bridges. This underground world is also known for many archaeological findings.

4. Snežna Jama


Snežna Jama is a Slovenian Cave with the highest altitude. It is located at 1530 meters and is 1 km long. The word “Snežna” means “Snow” or “Made of Snow” and its interior is full of snow and ice creations, as well as stalactites and stalagmites. In one of the side tunnels, the skeleton of a cave bear was discovered.

5. Socerb Jama


The Socerb cave is located approximately 30 meters below the village Socerb and it is the only cave with a Church. The legend says that Trieste martyr and saint St. Socerb was living in the cave, until his execution. The altar of the Church is still very well preserved and this Church is the only underground Church in Slovenia. The cave with a length of 213 meters, is a well known and popular religious sanctuary.

6. Kostanjeviška jama


Kostanjeviška Jama was discovered in 1937 but it was opened to the public in 1971. It’s around 2 km long and it offers guided tours for visitors. The exterior of the cave looks like a scene from a fairytale and interior is even more amazing with unique shapes designed by nature. Don’t be afraid of the baths, who are inhabitants of the cave.

7. Vilenica


Vilenica is the oldest tourist karst cave in Europe. It’s more than 1 km long and located on southwestern part of Slovenia. It is named after fairies as locals believed that the fairies were living in it. Till mid 19th Century, it was the most visited cave in Slovenia and known as the most beautiful and magical cave in the country.

8. Divaška Jama


Divaška Jama is a relatively young cave and it was discovered in 1884. It is around 500 meters long and has a depth of 50 meters approx. The visitors will have the chance to see beautiful stalagmites, piles, candles and large natural crystals.

9. Babja jama


Babja jama is a small cave located in the central part of Slovenia, with an interesting history. In the 15th Century, it was used as a shelter for women and kids during the time of the Osmani plunder. The real research of the cave began in 1968 and many archeological artifacts and remains were found. There are no guided tours of this cave and it’s  an appropriate terrain to explore on your own.

10. Potočka Zijalka


Potočka Zijalka is one of the Slovenian caves located at a high altitude. It’s located in northern Slovenia and at the height of 1650 meters. With its 115 m of length, it is one of the smallest known caves. It functions as a hunting shelter and ritual place.

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