January 16, 2022


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10 Fun Things To Do With Kids In Calgary

Confluence city, the gateway to rocky mountains, and prairie city, these are phrases that readily come to mind whenever Calgary is mentioned. Some people know Calgary for its beautiful yearly stampede and really cold weather. Calgary is located in the Alberta province along the confluence of Bow River and Elbow river. Our focus today will be on those fun activities you can carry out with your kids while visiting Calgary.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

1. A visit to the Zoo

Photo by Oli-Oviyan on Foter.com

I could not think of a better way to start our list of fun things to do with kids. The Calgary zoo is home to over 100 species of animals. The zoo is a popular family spot even in the cold snowy weather. You’ve to arrive early if you are interested in watching Pandas and their cubs in a perfect recreation of their natural habitat. The kids would absolutely love it. The zoo also boasts of other exotic animals for your children’s viewing delight.

2. An ultimate search for Dinosaur fossils in Drumheller

Carolyn Miaral, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, you read that right. In Drumheller, your kids will have the rare privilege of viewing the remains of dinosaurs who once roamed the surface of the earth. Royal Tyrrell Museum has a large collection of dinosaur’s remains but that’s not all. Children can make their own replicas of the dinosaurs and even go on a guided hike in search of their own dinosaur fossils.

3. A day out at the Banff Hot Springs

Wikimedia Commons

Located in the national park, this natural hot spring flows into a pool not far from its origin. Your kids get to splash and play in this 27 – 45 degree Celsius water. Your children can take a walk around the park after they get tired by splashing around in the hot spring. The park has a beautiful Sulphur mountain that your children can climb to the top of. The view of the park from the top of the mountain is glorious and breathtaking.

4. A visit to the Historical Park in Southwest Calgary

Bernard Spragg, via Wikimedia Commons

Why not take a plunge back in time with a visit to this historical park at the heritage park. The historical park was modeled after a town in the early 1900s. The historical park has horse pulled carriages on the main street just like they had in the early 1900s. The park has farm animals your children can play with and feed pastures. The workers at the historical park dress up just like people did in the early 1900s to add more flair to the park. The Historical Park is not open all year round. It opens in May every year and closes in October. The Alleyway museum in the heritage park stays open all year long.

5. A visit to the Canada Olympic Park

Daniel, via Wikimedia Commons

This was the site of the Calgary 1988 winter Olympic. The Canadian government did a great job of adapting it to a family recreational center where parents can take their children all year long. The park offers fun activities such as ice skating in the indoor skating rink, ice skiing, and snowboarding. If your kids can form a team of 4, they can bobsleigh on the original Olympic track where the Jamaican tunneled to victory in 1988. In the summer, when the snow stops and the sun melts away the ice, you and your kids can go mountain biking in the park or play a game of golf. Children can also go for the skyline luge and ride the chairlift up to the hill.

6. Splashing around the Sikome Lake

Qyd, via Wikimedia Commons

This is a man-made lake located in Fish Creek Provincial Park. The lake has changing rooms for parents and kids to change into their swimsuits. It also boasts of a playground on the sandy beach for children to run around when they are tired of splashing and paddling around in the water.

7. Cycling around the Bow River

Malepheasant, via Wikimedia Commons

Calgary has a pretty impressive network of bikeway and this is one of it. You and your kids can rent a bike downtown, and ride around the Bow River. You can download a map of Calgary’s impressive bikeway system around town too. With the map, you and your kids can map out where to bike to and where to visit. Some of the popular places to bike to are Chinatown, Central library and the famous historic Simmons building.

8. Take your kids on a revolution lunch at the Calgary Tower

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The Calgary Tower restaurant completes a full revolution every 45 minutes. The Calgary Tower is the best place to visit for a 360-degree view of the beautiful Calgary city. Your kids can stand on the glass floor inside of the observation deck, and get a real kick out of this. It is just like they are standing in the air. The best part is that you do not have to pay to enter the tower if you have a reservation at the restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide array of food that is pocket-friendly.

9. Go ice skating at the Shaw Millennium Park

abdallahh, via Wikimedia Commons

This happens to be one of the largest outdoor skating parks in North America. It is completely free for families to visit. The park holds regular family events at the park’s Amphitheatre. There are basketball courts for your kids to play on if their interest is not in basketball.

10. Attend the Calgary International Children’s festival

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Your kids would not want to miss this once in a year festival where kids are celebrated. It is a four-day program that takes place at the end of May every year. Your children can partake in activities such as crafts, bike riding and also take part in talent shows.

Whatever your and your children’s interest is, Calgary has a thing for everyone; be it hiking, swimming, walking around the parks or simply visiting the best restaurants in town. You can throw in a visit to the science center, go play the laser tag game or spend an afternoon cheering Calgary’s hockey team to victory.