10 Must Do Things In Baltimore At Night

A breeze, bit of history, and fresh seafood. Just a few things you will find yourself enjoying when visiting the great city of Baltimore in Maryland. Baltimore is an exciting city with plenty to try, experience, and explore. Whether you are looking for a relaxing evening, an exciting new restaurant or the opportunity to try something new, Baltimore has multiple options for every traveler. So, let’s go and explore the 10 Must-Do Things in Baltimore, Maryland at night.

Discover 10 Must Do Things In Baltimore At Night:

1. Visit The Avenue

The Avenue Baltimore
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Also known as West 36th Street in Hampden, The Avenue is a shopping street where you can discover some of the cutest shops in all of Baltimore. Just a quick 15-minute trip north of downtown and you will find yourself trying out artisan chocolates after dinner at Ma Petite Shoe, where they also sell shoes. Or stop in a quaint cafe or vintage bookshop as you wind down your evening. The Avenue is the perfect spot for a date or a quiet evening.

2. Fell’s Point

Fell’s Point Baltimore Maryland
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Looking to be near the water? Then a night at Fell’s point can be the perfect spot. Fell’s Point is known as being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Maryland. There you can find sweet boutiques, pubs, and delectable restaurants. Then after dinner, stop by an ice cream shop or bakery and walk along the waterfront. Stop at fun shops like Treason Toting Co. or the Modern Cook Shop.

3. Try Blue Crab

Blue Crab
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Baltimore is known for many things, but at the top of the list is Blue Crab. Providing its inhabitants and visitors with the freshest seafood, blue crab is always in demand. If you are interested in checking out some of the greatest blue crab offerings, reserve your table at La Cuchara, Magurk’s Pub & Grill, or Philip’s Crab Deck. Try it as a crab cake, in a salad, or on some pasta. The incredible chefs of Baltimore have found plenty of ways to reinvent this city favorite.

4. Baltimore Brews

Baltimore Brews
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The Baltimore waterfront is not just a great place to walk and try a few everyday pubs, but seek out exciting flavors with locally-brewed ales. A popular spot among locals is Wharf Rat. This hot spot has a massive fireplace as well as fish ’n chips that transport you across the pond. Or check out Union Craft Brewing’s Duckpin Pale Ale. If you are traveling with someone who prefers cocktails, take them to the Sagamore Pendry hotel for a sweet drink.

5. Get Some Luck

Irish Pub Baltimore Maryland
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Every once in a while you may find yourself in a city with neighborhoods celebrating other cultures. Baltimore certainly is one that celebrates the luck of the Irish. Stop by Tir Na Nog Irish Bar and Grill for a bite to eat. If its time for a drink, James Joyce Irish Pub is the place to go!

6. Enjoy Some History

Baltimore History Tour
Photo Credit: Baltimore Heritage

This one is for those who love history. The Baltimore Wicked History Tour will educate you on some of the most exciting lessons with thrilling stories. Discover the hidden speakeasies throughout the city. Learn about the underhanded villains and celebrated personalities that brought the city to life. This tour is a great way to see the city and discover some of the lesser known parts of this historic city.

7. Dance & Listen

Baltimore Soundstage
Photo Credit: Metal Chris

Looking to spend your evening listening to the latest and greatest? Check out the Baltimore Soundstage for some of the best beats. This venue provides eclectic live music, sounds that will make the dance club come alive, and Grammy-winning artists playing your most loved songs. Check out the line up all year long as the venue always has an exciting schedule. The venue provides a wide variety of music options as well as drinks! The Baltimore Soundstage has multiple full-service bars so you can always keep your whistle wet!

8. Game Baltimore

Game Baltimore
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If you love all things game related, Game Baltimore is the place for you. This sports bar is packed with entertainment, great drinks, and all sorts of good times. Looking for a fun spot to watch the big game? Game Baltimore will make you feel like you are in the stadium. Your team not playing on the night of your visit? Check out their signature game room. Everything from ping pong and arcade games, to pool and prize games. Grab a bite to eat between each round, then celebrate a win with a cold one. Open till 2:00 AM, you will always find a reason to stay here.

9. Legendary Kings of Karaoke & DJ Entertainment, Inc.

Legendary Kings of Karaoke & DJ Entertainment, Inc.
Photo Credit: K.R kanereinholdtsen

If you are all about the music but more interested in being in front of the camera or on the mic, the Legendary Kings of Karaoke & DJ Entertainment may just make your night. Sing your heart out with your friends all night, not a problem since their song selection has every hit and favorite imaginable. Hoping to record every memorable moment? The Legendary Kings top quality music video service will make sure those memories last.

10. Baltimore Ghost Tours

Baltimore Ghost Tours
Photo Credit: baltimoreghosttours

Some visit concerts to spice up their night. Maybe a cocktail bar or a beer tour for others. For those of us that get a thrill over the paranormal, Ghost Tours are where it is at. The Baltimore Ghost Tours has won awards for their incredibly haunting stories. Take a tour of the famous Fell’s Point or Mount Vernon, popular places with mysterious histories. If you are wanting something different, check out the Haunted Pub Walk or Ghost Talk, for a genuinely unique tour which will give you plenty of stories to take home.
Whether you are visiting Baltimore for business, pleasure, or even visiting with family, Baltimore is the perfect place for new experiences out on the town. For the foodies, try some of the freshest seafood, like blue crab. Or visit an Irish pub for a bit of bangers and mash. If entertainment is what you are after, karaoke, concerts, or Game Baltimore will keep the fun going all night long. For those after history, there is plenty to learn on a ghost tour or the Baltimore Wicked History Tour. It is all there in Baltimore.

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